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Server Description:

The l2mid complex uses only PTS assemblies to implement its game worlds and carefully enough studies the economic component of each server. In this regard, both the classic Adena currency and the additional Donate Shop currency, Lucky Gold, are equally valued here.

As for any other MMORPGs, the principle is relevant for the L2mid freechard: whoever has the best gear is better, and the quality of equipment is directly related to the amount of game currency you have. Fact: if your character flaunts a pumped one, in excellent armor, with powerful weapons, then for him the game automatically becomes much more interesting and easier, and its capabilities significantly exceed the capabilities of other players.

Beginning of the game:

At the server starts, there is a strong lack of adena, and in order to dress your character at least in equipment of rank B, you need some time. And as is well known to all experienced players: the winner in lineage 2 is the one who is faster and more thoughtful. That is why those gamers who want to break into the lead, gain respect and gain military glory as soon as possible, prefer to buy game currency for real money, rather than trying to farm it on their own.

At the start of the server, we would advise you to buy adena, since before registering in the catacombs there is no possibility of buying equipment of rank S and A. At this time, it is better to go through the subclass and nobless, and for this you need a lot of adena. In the future, it is much more convenient to buy Lucky Gold than to hang around with huge amounts of Adena and convert it. In addition, it is somewhat more profitable, due to the fact that the demand for varnish gold will be slightly higher than for Adena.

You can buy game currency at any time in the BenderMoney online store. We have the lowest prices, reliable suppliers, instant deals and pleasant bonuses. For any question, you can consult the site administrator by writing to the chat.

About the game:

Developer Ncsoft
Release date: 0000-00-00

L2mid is an international complex of game servers, which began to gain great popularity at the end of 2014, and in 2015 held several grand discoveries. The L2 mid servers became one of the first battlefields among all the freezes on which the Russian and bourgeois top clans came together. The eternal East-West confrontation makes the game bright, dynamic, full of adrenaline and thirst to be stronger than its sworn enemy.

The indisputable advantages of l2mid servers are their durability, interesting features, a large online and balanced economy. Interlude-servers with x25 rates, which attract a long-playing audience, are considered to be a diamond in the collection of l2mid servers.