Lineage 2 legacy

Alas, not always any changes are successful and bring prosperity and approval. This happened with Lineage 2, when some of the developers left, and it was decided to switch to high chronicles. After installing chronicles above Gracia Final on official servers, many began to complain that hardcore was gone, there was no previous, beloved, atmospheric game, it all came down to donation and simplification of the game process. Of course, the game has become more functional, but has lost its charm, its uniqueness. Acting in accordance with the canons of the fantasy genre, it ceased to stand out from the mass of the same type of modern MMORPGs.

Fortunately, the developers heard the indignation of the community and decided to revive Lineage in the form that it was at the time of gaining its popularity in the world. We can say with confidence that Lineage 2 legacy really deserves the attention of all the old phages and hardcore online game lovers!

Why is the legacy project so attractive to users and what are its advantages?

First of all, Lineage 2 legacy is a game world that incorporates the content of the first chronicles and the interest and animation of the latter. The players returned to grade 31 and the usual composition of the party.

This game is suitable for everyone who is not used to give up and wants to test their strength and character. Players will be in pain, humiliation, despair and horror ... And this is wonderful, because that is what they hoped for and it takes them! :) Dreams have come true, and now you can enjoy the tears of fragile newcomers and already forgetting how much, “old people” or start to faint, having lost 10% of experience in the event of death. Now imagine that here you can still fall recently bought an expensive thing! Goosebumps crawled? Here for such adrenaline they come here!

Would you like to? Get it! Pumping a character here is not easy, to get level and Adena, you have to try. After all, these are not high chronicles where vitality and other bonuses can solve the problem. Here, even at the initial levels, you need to kill more than 1000 mobs to get one level. It is better to buy a little adena lineage legacy from the beginning - this is not only a saving of your time, but also the quality of its holding. Additional lineage legacy Adena will help you to get drunk 2-3 times faster, and random or scheduled PvP will proceed on your terms.

To develop your class, you will have to go through quests for professions and learn skills. The latter can be done by buying books, but it only sounds easy, but in fact the price of some books is by no means a couple of coins, and sometimes reaches a tidy sum. Therefore, players are often forced to buy lineage legacy adena not only for the fan and the cool gear, but also simply for the “essential”.

It is also interesting that full-fledged craft returned to the game, whose relevance at the same time was minimized. Now successfully sharpened things will again be able to warm your soul and significantly enrich your character.

System of Economics and Adena Lineage

The main game currency on the Lineage 2 legacy is adena, you can earn it in the game in the following ways:

  • Monster hunting in all locations for the extraction of resources, things and weapons. During the upgrade, you select the most valuable mobs in the drop-spoil ratio and fight for them.
  • Make a sale of earned resources for Adena and purchase ready-made equipment from other players.
  • Hunting for single players and "setting" swarms of monsters on them (when you die from a monster, things drop that you can always pick up).
  • Make your character a gnome and upgrade it to craft valuable items.
  • Traditional trade: you can buy and resell things.

To achieve many heights and authority on the server will help entry into the clan. The higher the clan in the ranking, the higher the requirements for getting into it. But it's worth it: joining any high-quality clan, you can get profit from epic bosses and ordinary bosses, occupy the best locations and win sieges. You also have the opportunity to create your own clan, take pride of place on the throne of Aden or Giran and make the entire Lineage legacy tremble.

There are many ways to fill your pocket with coins, but in reality, there’s always not enough. The price of nipples is high, and the equipment requires updating with the growth of level. In addition, adena tends to end. So, if you want to swing comfortably, while having decent equipment and all the necessary consumables, legacy Adena will be required in huge quantities. Lacks? You can always place an order on the website and buy lineage 2 legacy Adena in our game currency store and continue to enjoy hardcore, but with good things. We offer convenient payment methods, fast and safe delivery - the lineage 2 legacy adena will be at your complete disposal in a matter of time. And we can only wish you a cool game!

About the game:

Developer NCsoft
Release date: 2014-11-18

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