Conqueror's Blade

Conqueror's Blade is a massive free-to-play tactical MMO game. Conqueror's Blade offers turn-based strategy and tactics in online battles. Players can directly take control of a warlord, who will issue orders to regiments that follow them into battle.


Conqueror's Blade is a massively multiplayer online real-time tactical game. Set in an open world inspired by medieval and feudal civilizations, the game is centered around siege battles, commanding units, and taking territory from other players in online battles.

Open world strategy

During the game, the gamer will have to create a warlord with unique special abilities, fighting styles, strengths and weaknesses. Armed with a trusty horse and deadly weaponry, the player commands his army from the eye of the storm to spread influence and transform the battlefield into a part of his empire.

Conqueror's Blade is a forward-looking game that will continue to evolve and offer new challenges and adventures for many years to come. So, to enhance the adventure and complement the gameplay, you can buy high quality Conqueror's Blade Silver from us, safely and at competitively low prices.

Conqueror's Blade includes 10 combat classes, each with their own weapon specialization and customizable functions: gender, appearance, etc. Available weapons: nodachi, glaive, ax, bow and musket.

This commander can be controlled directly in battle and used to transmit commands to various units on the battlefield and during sieges. The player's reserve includes several units, including winged hussars, terzio arquebusiers, spear cataphracts and other units and combat classes from various eastern and western civilizations of the Conqueror's Blade universe.

Game modes

Several modes can be played, the main one being the online siege mode with up to fifteen players on each team. Warlords can direct units to attack, follow them or build them on the battlefield, and can also use a variety of siege weapons: trebuchets, cannons and rams - all of these weapons can be used to storm enemy fortifications.

Players can also create Houses with other players. This guild-like system allows players to create alliances, share resources and rewards, and team up to participate in larger battles and territorial wars.


The gameplay uses three main currencies: bronze, silver and sovereigns. These currencies have their own place and use. Silver is the highest tier currency that the player can use to buy the right things: weapons, keys, and more - anything that can be used to improve their character. Buying Conqueror's Blade silver from us is the easiest, most convenient and economical way to get game currency.

About the game:

Developer Booming Games
Release date: 2019-06-24

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