Lineage 2 RuOff

is the legendary Korean online game created back in 2003. The Russian official game server (ruoff) appeared in 2008. And even though so many years have passed, the La2 is still relevant and popular. Thousands of new players around the world continue to replenish its ranks. Millions of representatives of the “old guard” remember with nostalgia the glorious past, and sometimes make time to log in to their old account and recall their youth.

We can say with confidence that the release of Lineage II was a significant event for fans of the MMORPG genre, heralded a new era in the development of computer online games. Playing Lineage, you are immersed in a completely amazing world.

Lineage Ruoff Features

You can talk a lot about the advantages of this game and analyze its shortcomings, but any user understands one thing: Lineage 2 is the legislator of the unique gameplay. You launch it with the help of 4game and find yourself in a qualitatively executed alternative reality with your own unique policy, economy, structure, rules and a breathtaking atmosphere.

Lineage was conceived as a hardcore and to the maximum collective game. Each game step required a lot of time and effort, at each stage the players were always in the framework of fierce competition. Now the situation has not changed.

The player sees how other characters develop and, naturally, wants to surpass them, both enemies and allies. But how else, if the whole essence of the game is to become the strongest, dominate and win in PvP, on Olympus and the Siege, to own the best spots and clan halls.

In general, it is no secret that the PvP system is built into quintessence in the game. No matter how other MMORPGs try to highlight this aspect, Lineage 2 was the first to discover such variability in battles. Here you can attack your enemy in any corner of the world (except cities), catching him by surprise, merge into a PK or win a frontal attack.

The line makes you fight, and with the help of force prove your right to stay in the gaming universe.

Character classification LA2

The game path begins with the choice of races, which in Lineage II are classic for the fantasy genre. Initially, the choice was: orcs, humans, dark elves, gnomes, light elves. A little later, two more races were added - Kamael (race of darkness) and Artei (race of wind). Playing for elves, gnomes or other characters is an individual choice of each player, which depends on his personal preferences and game goals.

Upon reaching a certain level, players are given the opportunity to choose their profession, or class. In total, 34 professions are available, of which 8 professions of Rebirth are formed:

  • The warrior of Tir, or simply Tir;
  • Sigel Knight, or Tank;
  • Eura Archer, or Bow;
  • The Wizard of Feo, or Mage;
  • Summoner Wenho, or Sumoner;
  • Rogue Odal, or Knife;
  • Healer Algiza, or Hil;
  • The caster Isa, or Is / Chant.

Each profession has its own advantages and disadvantages. Having familiarized with the detailed characteristics, it will not be difficult for the player to choose for himself the “one” that he will like and where he can fully reveal.

The economics of the game and adena on ruoff

The main gaming currency of the Lineage 2 is adena. Players of all online games sooner or later face a shortage of finances. And if in some MMORPGs this is not a critical phenomenon, then in the Adena Lineage sooo much is always required. Your computer seat will be reduced to round-the-clock if you want to achieve the best possible results in the game and not drag yourself behind everyone. Especially if you are not going to buy Lineage 2 Adena, play in one window or without a premium account. Here, earnings are not given as fast and fun as many expect. But if you still proudly decided to rely only on your luck and free time, then check out the possible ways to earn money.

  • Farm mobs - killing any monster, you get a certain amount of adena (depends on the mob level and characteristics).
  • Spoil is a unique skill with which you get a unique drop from monsters in the form of resources, sharpeners, recipes and pieces of weapons, jewelry, equipment, and in rare cases - full equipment.
  • Quests - their passage is accompanied by various rewards, bonuses, game currency, recipes, items, accessories and mounts.
  • Craft - the creation of ordinary and rare things.
  • Manor is the same farming.
  • Fishing - everything is clear here, catch the fish big and small.
  • Trade - sale of resources, buy-sell scheme.

The economy of the Ruler is similar to the realities of our world, it is learning how to conduct, albeit virtual, but business. By the way, it is worthwhile to understand that Adena is a convertible currency, so if necessary, your pumped character with cool gear can bring you not only nice game buns, but also real. By the way, Bendermoney cooperates with players supplying Adena. So, if you know how to properly earn money and think about turning this skill into a profitable business, welcome to chat with the operators in our game currency store!

Why is buying adena the best way out?

Although there are many ways to earn Adena in the LineAge 2, at first glance, but in the end it all the same comes down to killing mobs, instant bosses, raid bosses and epic bosses, as well as completing one-time and reusable quests.

Follow the advice of an experienced player! No matter how well you know the game, the amount of adena you receive will depend on only three factors: the level of development of your character, free time and good luck.

Lineage, like any other MMORPG, focuses more on group, and even clan, development, capable of revealing all the most interesting aspects of the game. Campaigns in the instant zone and on the epics can increase the level of development of your character, but the best drop and in the amount you need will not soon be passed.

In addition, group play involves constant prime time. Each successfully developing party has a clear game schedule. If you are late, you will first be severely reprimanded that you are letting the rest (this is in a soft form), and the next time they can reduce your share in the resources you get or move the drop in the queue. And if absenteeism is systematic, then it will be completely excluded. People who at any time of the day or night can afford to devote time to the game are, frankly, either avid players or those for whom this is work.

You need to look directly at things: Lineage has a huge number of exciting aspects, but to bring your character to a competitive level of participation in PvP, sieges of castles and forts, campaigns on epic bosses, battles on Olympus, you need a considerable amount of currency. And everyone who has experience in the game, it is clear that a simple farm of mobs is unlikely to bring you closer to the level of top players.

Speaking of them. A bit of truth: if you look at the list of the most powerful server characters and the column of heroes on Ruoff, then, basically, these are people who Buy la2 adena or ready-made equipment for large amounts. This is what allowed them to subsequently take a leading position, as they fully revealed the capabilities of their hero, after which they rushed to conquer the heights of the game.

We offer the same. You do not have to sit around the clock around the computer, which is called living in the game, so as not to lag behind the "party members" and enjoy the best gaming moments. You can simply buy lineage adena, not spend all the time on the farm and, thereby, make it easier for yourself both real and virtual life.

Our services are your comfort!

About the game:

Developer NCsoft
Release date: 2008-12-15

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