Not all websites consider filling their websites with exciting and useful content a necessity. Bendermoney is not just a way to make more money. We value and respect each of our visitors! That is why a special section was created in which any gamer will find information of interest to him on his favorite game.

  • A new server has opened, an update has been released, a CBT has failed or the randoms created a large clan - our attentive admin will not miss any important news.
  • Have you read conflicting reviews on the Internet and can’t decide whether or not to log in to the game? We put all the pros and cons of the new product launched on the shelves, and also periodically post statistics, guides, reviews on patches and our thoughts on the dynamics and development of the game.
  • Do you play to farm and sell the obtained resources, and doubt that the new project will bring the desired profit? We carefully study the gaming "climate", prices, supply and demand, and share our forecasts. We have been working in the gaming field for several years, so we give an objective assessment taking into account all the nuances.

Starting to read articles, make sure that you have a lot of time to spare, because they are like a series, can't stop!:)