It is profitable to be our supplier!

Excellent conditions
Fast payouts
We buy all new servers constantly!
At the moment we purchase strictly for the needs of the client. In rare exceptions regular suppliers work "in stock" or get access to the account that is used as a bank with playing currency. When we look for an order we write to you on which server and what amount of currency is needed. Payment to your wallet immediately after the order transfer.
It's best to ask the operator for the current price. Furthermore, at the time of transaction, we usually express the price we are willing to pay for the currency. On pirate servers, there are games with stable prices that don't fluctuate for months, but the norm is to fluctuate the price twice or three times daily, with more frequent changes in favour of falling prices.
We'll send you a message telling you how much game currency we require and our charge. Purchase requests are influenced by the popularity of the game, server, and even season.
We pay immediately after the transfer, within 10 minutes, unless otherwise agreed in advance. Payment methods: to a bank card, USDT (trc20), wmz If you need to receive payment in some other way, check with our operator.
Add us in Skype or Telegram, message us on which server you farm and wait. Once a day you can message us an amount of playing currency you have now for sale. If you are playing on a pirate Lineage 2 or WoW server and regularly change servers, please notify us when you ran out of currency on a previous server and started farming on a new one. This way we can address you as fast as possible.
Blocks are extremely rare, and they more often happen on pirate servers, very rarely on official. But you should know that you are violating the user agreement in the game and there may be sanctions.
For new suppliers we can split the purchase in 2-3 parts if you are afraid to send the entire amount at once. In this case you will receive payment for each portion individually.