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We are looking for partners

  • Everything is as simple: you get a link and a partner’s account.
  • Place the link in any convenient place (forums, personal sites, social networks)
  • You receive commissions from customers' purchases, regardless of the first purchase or the twentieth, each comes with a percentage.
  • Contact us online for a link. onile chat
  • Do you have a blog, forum, clan site or any other resource visited by gamers?

  • We want as many people as possible to know about us.
  • By advertising us, you will always be sure that your recommendation will be positive. There are a lot of reviews about our coolness
  • We are ready to buy from you: banner advertising, an article with recommendations from our store, or any other option that will enhance the image of our brand.
  • Ready to be placed both on prepayment and to conclude an affiliate program.
  • You have your own channel on YouTube, with an audience of players

  • We are ready to consider the option of buying an insert of a promotional video about our store.
  • We are also ready to buy a link under your video.
  • Separately, I would like to note the purchase of links under old videos (yes, we would buy a link even if the video was uploaded to the channel 3 years ago).
  • You can make money on streams not only by asking for donations

  • Place our banners and get money.
  • We will also consider any advertising options on your stream.
  • Do you want to promote your skills for online games to the masses? Write to us!

    We are ready to place the sale of your software with us in the following cases:

  • Soft Exit Beta test and regularly executes the functionality embedded in it.
  • The software receives regular updates, unless otherwise specified in advance.
  • In the case of scripts, you need to correctly describe the functionality and features.