We have been in the market since 2014 and have proven to be a reliable provider of in-game services
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We have thousands of customers who make our trade flow, and it’s not profitable for us to trick you personally. From the very beginning we collect feedback from our customers on the page reviews. reviews. You can make sure they match our reputation as a reliable gaming currency store.
Google us. One of the most reliable methods is Google, you open it and ask in the search for a fraudster site, usually those fraudsters very quickly get into the Google search and their existence lasts days, months at most. And we remain on the market and since 2014 work without bad reviews.
Funds are accepted automatically. Almost all payment methods are automatic, which means that the legal registration of us in these payment systems. The possibility of fraud in such ways is excluded.
If you visit the fraudster's website. They have either Kiwi or Yandex with anonymous wallets or fake payment systems that are not licensed and utilized for casino and porn sites, where no one is accountable to the client.
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An alternative source of reviews that is identical to our reviews section, but is on a website verified by a third-party and has a high level of trust from users.
Money Back Guarantees If we are unable to perform your requested service or you are dissatisfied with the execution time, we will refund 100% (minus any payment system fees). Just send an email to the operator and we will refund everything.

Moreover, we can’t even physically do that, because you pay on sites of financial institutions that provide us with card reception services. They have the highest level of data protection, because otherwise those services can"t get their license.

How it works: you fill in on our site only game and character data, email, when you click pay you are transferred to the site of payment system (for example, Wayforpay), there you enter all the data cards and pay. We just receive notification that the order is paid for and the order is issued. We don’t see your card or any other critical personal data, whether it’s card expiration date or CVV code.

Our recommendation: for maximum security on the Internet - create a virtual card in your bank and transfer money there only before buying from your main card and then pay online with a virtual. This way you will be 100% safe if somehow the fraudsters steal details of those cards.

Your data, no characters, accounts, logins and passwords, as well as any other information remain only with us, no third party receives this information. We understand that buying gaming currency requires complete anonymity.