Welcome to the Bendermoney game store!

You can make a payment at any time of day, but our online operators are available from 9 AM to 11 PM according to the Kyiv time zone (GMT+2). However, if you make a payment during the night you will receive a bonus of +5% in-game currency added to your order.
On the product page, you need to fill out all the fields and click the "Pay" button. Pay special attention to the server and faction, as this significantly affects the price and quantity of the product accordingly.
To receive the currency, it is essential to contact us in the chat and coordinate the method of transfer, the timing of transfer, and other necessary details. After making the payment, please message the operator in the chat or through one of the messengers listed in the website header.
We send most orders for popular games and servers within 7 minutes. However, there are times when factors such as the time of day, currency availability, or other conditions prevent us from delivering your order immediately. For maximum assurance, please contact the operator in the chat or one of the messengers listed in the website header to confirm when you will receive your order after payment.
Most games have a single delivery method, and we exclusively use it. However, when alternatives are available, we always offer or insist (if it concerns the safety of the customer and the supplier) on specific transfer methods or in-game actions. We strive to minimize complexity for the buyer, but our top priority is the safety and satisfaction of all parties.
In most (official) games, the issue of a ban has never been raised in the entire history of our work. But there are exceptions... You must understand that buying currency or upgrading accounts is prohibited in almost all games, so when purchasing services, you are fully aware of the risks associated with sanctions on your account.
Our main guarantee is the presence of thousands of reviews from satisfied customers and the absence of any genuine negative reviews about us on the internet. You can read more about our guarantees by following this link: Guarantees
If you need a service in one of the games where we operate, feel free to write to the chat or messenger, and our operator will be happy to assist you. Also, don't hesitate to inquire about services in other games; we may have specialists who can help solve your problem in the shortest time possible.

Remember, in case of difficulties, always contact our operators!