Ragnarok online

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Farm Zeny is extremely difficult, because the whole farm is enclosed in the killing of mobs, which is extremely depressing and annoying. If you are a fan of playing in top armor and weapons, then without buying zeny ragnarok you have nothing to do in this game. For beginners unfamiliar with the game, it is doubly difficult to figure out where to get good equipment for the character, what is more important to farm the zen or deflate the level of the character.

Game features

Ragnarok Online is a game for many players it will be the same age or even older, but today it’s not only morally obsolete, but on the contrary has been polished to a shine and is a product of such a level that no AAA gamedev company can deliver to the market. The whole game is built on Scandinavian mythology, with bloody rites, war and reprisals against enemies, because the very name Ragnarok literally translates as the day of judgment or the end of all life. Although all the graphics are based on Korean comics and visualization is no different from the anime. Also, the advantages of the game include extremely low requirements for the characteristics of the computer, which is good.

Classes at Ragnarok Online

A variety of classes will force you to study the Internet in an understanding of the building industry of an interesting class. In total, there are 10 classes and 4 subclasses in the game, so you build a build of one of 40 options, screwing up in this case is very easy and be prepared to pump a new character again, or be patient with the study of all the builds in the game. Also, in addition to classes, you will have to master professions and here already choose what you like, craft, grow pets or can engage in trade? If we talk about PVP, then it is fully accessible on clan events such as sieges or dungeons, in the open world it’s not possible to kill an opponent just like that.

Is the game relevant today

Since the game features  unique graphics, it cannot be classified as either outdated or innovative, and therefore the language cannot be called old graphics, the battle system and turn-based battles are also unique and you cannot say that they are outdated. A character-dependent character system is generally not new, but is truly the first of its kind. Since in ordinary MMORPGs most of the characteristics are sharpened for your armor or weapons, then in the online store, the correct leveling will give the greatest DPS from your character.

How to farm zeny ragnarok

The main type of earnings is the grind of mobs, you will be killing various creatures in huge quantities. You can also become a crater and create various items and sell them on the market. The profession of a trader gives you the opportunity to make money on the banal market speculation, in a word bought cheaper, sold more, the difference is yours. In any case, what to do in the game is not difficult to find.

About the game:

Developer GRAVITY
Release date: 2002-01-01

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