We all remember and love the good old Minecraft. But what if we say that there is a toy steeper than the old Mine and it is really interesting in it? Then we present to your attention a cool voxel MMO sandbox in which you definitely will not have to be bored. There is no specific plot or quests in this walker, which means that the freedom in choosing actions is simply enormous. Want to become a cool warrior? Go for it! Like a quieter life in sandboxes? Then get down to building and collecting resources. And the game currency flux trove will become an indispensable tool in your endeavors. This is just one of those cases when the donut is not useless.

Gameplay and plot

As we said above, there is no plot here, and he is useless here. And the thing is that you have 16 game classes at your disposal! The highlight of this gameplay is to play for another class, you don’t have to start a new game or create another profile, just click on the special button on the interface panel and that’s all. Agree, it’s very convenient? A nice bonus is that after the initial training you will be provided with one free class. The rest will have to open as you develop in trove or use the game currency of flux trov.

If there is no desire to use a donat, you will have to save up special reagents for crafting, as a result of which a new character class will open. By the way, there is an interesting feature in Trov, namely fishing. A trifle, but pleasant. What else can you do here, the new player asks? Do you like to pump? Then start upgrading your armor, weapons. There is a huge amount of it in our sandbox. Bows, swords, staves, etc., as they say, choose the taste and color.

Game economics

One cannot but pay attention to such an important detail as the economics of MMO schools. Of course, in Trove, there is a level system for each class. The maximum lvl is 30. But do not think that it will not be so easy to get to, you still have to try. In addition to the lvl of the character himself, there is a level of skill, here the values are much higher. The maximum skill level is 700th. The character’s leveling system is well thought out here. For example, there is such a Rank of Strength that will always inform you how strong your fighter is.

Why did we mention Minecraft at the beginning of the review? The fact is that Trove is also a cubic game. That is, here you can also produce cubes and from them already make anything. Do you want to build yourself a house, or maybe there is an idea to build one of the seven wonders of the world? Here, everything is limited by your imagination. Do you want to develop the game several times faster and more efficiently?

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About the game:

Developer Trion Worlds
Release date: 2015-07-09

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