Diablo 2 Resurrected

Diablo II: Resurrected is the definitive re-release of Diablo II and its Lord of Destruction expansion, i.e. remastered of 2 legendary installments in the genre-defining RPG series from Blizzard Entertainment.

Longtime fans of the series are happy to go into remastering, shedding nostalgic tears at the memory of how they chopped monsters to pieces more than 20 years ago. A new generation of players, who did not find that iconic period, can plunge into the legend.

However, did the remaster manage to maintain the atmosphere of the original version and bring that addicting gameplay from D2R to 2021? We've spent countless hours in Sanctuary and can't wait to share our impressions.

Classics of all time

The full-fledged re-release of D2R invites gamers to immerse themselves in an unforgettable classic with improved graphics, bug fixes and pleasant controls that were lacking in the 2000s. The gameplay, storyline and basic mechanics have not changed, and in some places they have even become better, as the Blizzards have repeatedly talked about since the day of the announcement.

Diablo II: Resurrected is an epic action RPG game that includes all content from both Diablo II and its epic expansion, Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. Blast your way through ice caves, terrifying undead tombs and wastelands to the icy summit of Mount Arreat.

Clearing territories is all the same interesting process, in which there is no routine and dullness. Due to the dynamic gameplay and convenient controls, mass killings of mobs and the search for loot do not get boring at all.

Features of the plot

Diablo is terrible. Representing the true embodiment of evil, this is not the first time he has wreaked havoc in Sanctuary. In Diablo I, a brave warrior defeated the Lord of Terror by imprisoning him in his brave body. However, this was not enough to eliminate the powerful enemy.

Diablo found a way to control his captor by going to war against the human race. His intentions include the release of the brothers Baal and Mephisto, whose unification will mark the beginning of the dark times.

A group of brave adventurers will learn about the atrocities, wanting to understand why the territories were taken over by crowds of monsters, and how to fix it. In the crowd of these adventurers is the central character of the plot, whom you will control, passing a thorny and addictive path.

The story is told through CGI scenes in which a tired homeless Marius - the companion of the nightmare Diablo, tells the archangel Tyrael about his adventures. D2R really amazes with its in-game video rework.

Realism in the facial expressions of characters and animation, widening eyes with fear, impressive special effects - every detail is stunning in its own way. Cut-scenes, from which the acts start, I want to put on an endless replay. The developers took this moment into account and provided such an opportunity in the menu.

In addition to the CGI videos, the narrative and lore features are conveyed through communications with the NPCs in the camps. Merchants, companions, rulers - characters who will share knowledge about lands, quests and unique items in the inventory. The world of Diablo II: Resurrected is detailed and painstaking. Check it out for yourself.

Class system

In D2R, the bloodthirsty Diablo and his brothers are challenged by 7 classes, 5 of which are from the original, 2 are from the Lord of Destruction add-on.

  • The cunning assassin is a master of traps and shadow disciplines.
  • The Savage Druid is a brave werewolf and summoner, wielding primal elemental magic.
  • The Amazons Askari are powerful female warriors native to the Skovos Islands. A group of warriors roam the territories, engage in mercenary activities and drive out evil.
  • Barbarians living on the outskirts of civilization in the hostile deserts of Sanctuary, near the foot of Mount Arreat. Taunt foes with a blind rage that can be easily countered and brutally slaughter foes with unprecedented power.
  • A sorceress descended from the Zann Esu clan, an ancient order of female magicians dedicated to the study and tuning of magical elements in search of the purest form of magic.
  • The necromancer devotes his life to the study of the other world. After spending countless years in crypts, pale-skinned necromancers resemble the living dead. Necromancers are able to revive the fallen and take control of their minds, cast curses, produce elixirs of death, etc.
  • Paladin is a descendant of the obedient knights of Leoric, brave warriors, pure in soul and guarding the traditions of the Zakarum - the Religion of Light.

Diablo 2 Currency: Resurrected

The main currency in Diablo 2 is gold, which are used to upgrade items or trade. With many Runes in D2R, players can acquire the most powerful and amazing weapons.

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About the game:

Developer Blizzard Entertainment
Release date: 2021-09-23

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