Stalker online

About game

Stalker Online is a multiplayer game made in the genre of Survival Shooter; it contains RPG elements. Please note immediately that this game is designed for an adult audience (18+); it often contains profanity and other completely “childish” moments, which, in principle, makes the game even more attractive and interesting. The game has very realistic graphics and an atmosphere of adventure and danger. It was developed and released by Cybertime System Games. Stalker Online was released in June 2013. It is currently available only on one platform - PC.

Players are given a fascinating opportunity to explore a completely unique world, where danger is at every step and an intriguing unknown reigns.

In the game you can choose which gameplay option you prefer: day or night? Each of the two is unique in its own way. In any case, it will not be guaranteed to be bored, with the game you can plunge and distract from ordinary life.

Stalker Online also has one very significant feature - this is a game that will allow you to earn real money and withdraw it to 4 payment systems, and there are many options for making money on it. But in order to start making good money, you also need to regularly invest money in the game - why and why this is needed, we will explain a little lower. Now let's get acquainted with the game itself.

Continuous development

Developers regularly add new patches to the game; many new weapons appeared; Also, an improvement in improved control of your character has been noticed - it has become more convenient unlike earlier versions. Also noticeably improved animation.


The game opens in a world that was shocked by a disaster - there was an explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. After that, the Zone arose. In the Zone, everything is completely different than in an unaffected world; the laws of physics came to naught, mutants were teeming at every step, anomalies at every step, complete chaos reigned, which poses great danger to everyone who dares to enter there ... as well as great profit for those who wish to become rich and famous.

Who are stalkers?

Stalkers are daredevils who take risks and explore exclusion zones. You have to play the role of such a hero-stalker and become part of a whole new world where you never know what cool awaits you next time.

Highlights, Part 1


There are only 3 of them in the game - Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg.

Purpose of the game

Stalkers are engaged in the study of Exclusion Zones and the search for artifacts there - very valuable things. Players are given the opportunity to create their own character from scratch. The hero can have two weapons at the same time, customization with inventory is also possible.

Economy Games

Artifacts can be profitably sold to a local merchant, and you can also trade with other players. Players can also participate in auctions and sell items to other players. Also in Stalker Online there is an NPS - they can also sell items found. In the zones are hidden as ordinary, low-value artifacts, as well as rare and most valuable, most profitable. For finding the most valuable artifacts, bonuses are added in the form of additional stalkers to your squad, weapons and money. High-quality weapons will allow you to go further into the zone and bring much more artifacts.

What else can you do in the game?

Players will be able to complete small orders, quests, tasks for which they will receive rewards; You can also farm. Players can also build warehouses, defenses, fight with other players. You can reanimate your stalkers with a defibrillator. Anomalies in the zones can be sought using detectors.

About the most important thing ...

Players can sell their domestic currency for real money on the exchange and earn money on it. You can also buy currency for pumping - this is a great investment.

About the importance of reputation

To acquire a certain inventory, you need to gain a certain amount of 2 types of reputation: personal and fractional. In order for you to have the opportunity to write to friends in the game, you must definitely beat out the radio. The game has only 8 fractions, and each has its own reputation. By doing quests at a certain NPC, your reputation will grow. Players with a team have more opportunities, and especially in terms of earnings.

One head is good, but many ... more profitable

It is also advisable to play in a team with friends or join a faction - otherwise you can fall victim to banditry in the game, as newcomers are often hunted by bandits - other players. If you bring friends, you can use the convenient referral system: it is more profitable to earn with it.

Highlights Part 2

  •  It is better to play with a very good and advanced hardware in order to get the most out of the game and be more effective than other players.
  • Elite weapons can be obtained by knocking out particularly valuable artifacts.
  • It is imperative to use detectors in abnormal areas so that your stalkers are not accidentally injured and do not waste money from profit on healing.
  • If the main weapon has ended in stores, then it can be purchased ... on the black market. Use this life hack rarely, as in such places the prices are higher than usual.
  • Be sure to invest in armor - with it you can get 5% more artifacts.
  • Use the services of the NPC character Bills. This character will allow you to increase your capital.
  • The better your weapons, the further you can enter the Zone and the more artifacts you can find.

About Donate

The game has a donation system. If you buy it, then you can quickly reach a high level, purchase premium items in the store and improve the character, as well as increase profitability. The game often has pleasant surprises in different seasons of the year, on holidays; there are also contests; various promotions are held regularly. This is beneficial, as the player can get bonuses,% of profits and premium equipment, take advantage of the discount on the sale of premium content. New modules are introduced regularly that allow enrichment.

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About the game:

Developer Cybertime System
Publisher: Cybertime System
Release date: 2013-06-12

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