Eve Echoes

Moving forward in the world famous game EVE Echoes

EVE Echoes is played online by people from all over the world. Inside the universe of New Eden, players independently create alliances and complete missions, even trade according to their own rules. The game is difficult, but also attractive because you don't want to waste time, you need to constantly move forward.

What is this game

This is a space sci-fi game in which gamers are invited to plunge into a large and complex world. Here you need:

  • Buy spaceships.
  • Fly across different solar systems.
  • Complete missions to capture or defend strategically important objects.
  • Compete with other users.
  • Build alliances.
  • Participate in global trade and support the market.

The player must develop and improve his skills, learn new skills in order to get more profit. If you cannot accumulate a fortune, you can buy currency. There is no ultimate goal (kill the boss, capture the galaxy, etc.), here the gameplay itself is interesting and does not allow you to relax.


The commander of the ship (gamer) must explore outer space, make intergalactic jumps, come to the aid of allies and develop tirelessly. There is an internal currency in the game - claims and plexes. They can be collected (credited for missions), or you can buy them for real money.

In EVE Echoes, earnings are not easy, you have to work hard to save a decent amount to improve the ship or buy new weapons. EVE Echoes is not just a currency for purchasing gear. In outer space, absolutely everything is bought from skills and abilities to goods and the intergalactic space itself.

Users are offered two main options for the character. Alpha clones are standard and give a small profit for completing missions. Omega clones are bought for currency and allow you to pump more actively.

Game economics

The game has its own trading market, which is influenced by absolutely all players. He is unstable, mobile and unpredictable. At any second, the ITC market may undergo global changes, it all depends on the actions of alliances and users. In the EVE Echoes marketplace, ISKs and PLEX can be purchased for real money or exchanged. In many cases, it is not profitable to farm for a long time, and it is easier to acquire currency for speedy promotion.

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About the game:

Developer CCP Games
Release date: 2020-08-13

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