Tera Online

is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game released by Korean developers. As often happens, the CIS community gains access to localized versions of games after a long time.

So it happened with Tera. The Russian version was released 4 years after the premiere in Korea. But a large-scale advertising company, gifts of promo codes to everyone to quickly upgrade their character, and just an interest in the long-awaited MMO, did their job - the game became popular and received rather flattering reviews.

Tera Online Features

Tera is made in the classic fantasy genre. The action takes place in the fictional world of Arborea, where for thousands of years breathtaking events took place: the battle of the Titans, the invasion of the powerful forces of evil, the formation of a coalition against the Argons, the activities of the secret magical Order and much more.

Once in the game, you will be enrolled in the Federation and called to fight the enemy along with other brave warriors of Arborea. From time to time, so-called “plot” tasks will be available to you, completing which you will become more familiar with the history of this magical universe.

The good thing is that access to the game is free (although at one time there was a paid subscription). And for extra money, players always have the opportunity to acquire a privileged VIP status, with which the level is pumped faster, discounts on items in the game store are provided, bonuses are awarded, etc.

As for the graphic component of the game, thanks to the universal engine Unreal Engine 3 it is quite high-quality and modern. The battles here look dynamic and spectacular, the animation is pleasant, the surrounding game world is realistic and colorful.

Well-drawn monsters along with interesting fights and battle grounds cause a warm feeling of nostalgia. All this fuss with scrolls, sharpening weapons, crafting, guilds evokes quite stable associations with the Lineage world. Even the design of cities sometimes resembles a Lineage 2. Many should like this!

The soundtrack of Tera was also appreciated, the melodies here vary from soft-iridescent to wary-solemn depending on the game situation.

Hero Classification in Tera

Players have quite a few heroes to choose from. You can pay attention to the traditional elf and human races, or the unique fighters of the Aman, Castanic, Baraka, or exotic conservationists - Elin and Popori. Each race has its own strengths and vulnerabilities, they have special skills and abilities, each famous for its history and mission. Some races have gender restrictions, so the baraka and popori can only be male characters, and the Elin race can be female, as it is considered a pair of popori.

If we talk about classes, then you can make your hero a warrior, a killer, a knight, a priest, a berserk, a magician, an archer, a mystic, a reaper, an engineer, a smasher, a shinobi. Only 12 classes, each has its own abilities and combat characteristics, manner of attack, method of support and the degree of interaction in mass battles.

Gameplay and Gold Leveling

The gameplay in Tere is no different from many other MMORPGs and consists of traditional farm, quests, crafting, raids, battles and other similar elements.

The speed of leveling of characters is especially pleasing, since the level here can be obtained quickly. And all because the game is trying to give PvP focus. But even despite the fast pumping, at first it is still difficult to bend the enemy due to the lack of cool gear and the non-target combat system. So, to buy Tera gold, and for it - things to “strengthen” your character will not be superfluous.

By the way, in order to quickly pump, you will have to perform not the most dynamic and enjoyable tasks such as “find / collect / bring”, which at the same time do not even reveal the history of the game world.

As for the farm, the game currency - tera online gold - is mined in a similar way, you run around various locations, kill mobs, get a reward for it, and then spend gold on weapons, armor, pets, etc. To earn gold on worthwhile things, you will have to spend a lot of time. Therefore, isn’t it easier to buy tera gold in our store and move on to the more exciting part of the game?

This means, of course, PvP and just the command part of the game. Here you will immediately feel the contrast with the monotonous quests. The battles in Tere are complete freedom of action and a true paradise for your tactical skills, strategic ideas and the ability to deftly manage your character. There are classic noble duels, open areas for fights, battle arenas.

As for PvE, it is worth mentioning campaigns in dungeons, dungeons, where you will oppose strong monsters and creepy bosses. And in case of victory over them - pleasant buns that can always be sold or exchanged, and an increase in gold reserves, with which all purchases are made in the game. Guild battles, raids on world bosses, for example, on Dracolot, which will amaze you with their scope, entertainment and greatness, await you.

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About the game:

Developer Bluehole Studio
Release date: 2015-02-26

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