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New World

Game features

New World can hardly be called a MMORPG sandbox in the traditional sense, in which content is created exclusively by gamers. The game contains classic quests that serve as a reference point and guide newcomers to the genre.

In any case, every game with Sandbox elements is characterized by in-game interaction. New World is no exception, bringing battle and combat to the fore.

Instead of a free mode of battles, the game has a system of flags and factions. As soon as a user joins one of the existing factions, he can fly a PvP flag to be able to attack enemies from other associations. In addition, the leveling of a character with a raised flag is accelerated.

Game setting

The game takes place during the colonization of the United States of America in the 17th century. Plunging into an exciting new open world, gamers will have to face the challenges of survival, build their own empire in harsh climatic conditions.

Users go in search of real adventures in unknown lands: Conquering the open world, conquering new territories and building their own civilization - this is not a complete list of the wide possibilities of New World.

The main location in the game is the magical island of Aeternum - a place filled with treasures and unknown magic, which has long attracted not only adventurers and adventurers, but also robbers. The magical mineral located on the island not only gives strength, but also turns living creatures in the area into real monsters.

Conditions are not for weaklings!

In this sandbox, the gamer himself directly determines his role, allies and opponents. New World is not a game about class divisions and peaceful professions. Everything is built on the initiative of users.

Of course, as in any MMORPG, the game functionality of New World is characterized by the possibility of interacting with other players to survive in the environment of supernatural anomalies and insatiable robbers.

Teaming up with other gamers will allow you to keep fortified strongholds against enemy opponents and evil-minded monsters. Prepare for a bloody battle for survival in harsh wilderness conditions.

Players upgrade professions and craft skills, search for and collect resources, and craft items can be resold to other craftsmen. The fantasy setting, which is constantly evolving and developing, is characterized by constant seasonal changes, changes in weather conditions and the time of day.

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About the game:

Developer Amazon Game Studios
Release date: 2021-08-31

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