Standoff 2

Standoff 2 is a fast-paced MMO game that offers players a first-person shooter.


The gameplay is equipped with beautiful detailed maps and exciting combat modes. In view of this, every lover of exciting and dynamic processes should download Standoff 2 to their smartphone.


The simple controls in the game ensure that the process remains as fast and exciting as possible. Game mechanics involve the use of controls such as touch and swipe. These elements help to move the character, aim, zoom in and shoot at enemies.

Control mechanics are provided for jumping as well as squatting. What's more, the player can also switch between multiple weapons using the assigned hotkeys.

Game modes

Standoff 2 has three unique game modes.

The first is a team fight to the death.

In which the players are divided into two teams. The team with the most kills at the end of the limited time wins the match.

Neutralization is the second game mode.

In which 15 rounds of matches take place, and the winner of these rounds takes all the rewards.

Arms Race is a mode in which players must kill enemies using all the weapons available in the game in order to win.

Players can enjoy a variety of awesome maps full of obstacles to hide behind or tent sites to shoot at enemies.

Team leader

The Team Leader is the highest rated gamer within his team. After the player kills the leader of the opposition team, the game provides for the automatic receipt of the next type of weapon.

The Team Leader is highlighted in red, which in turn balances the gameplay. The striking color of the player attracts the attention of opposing teams and signals the most dangerous enemies.


The variety of weapons in the game is another nice bonus: be it pistols, assault and sniper rifles, hand grenades, light bombs or shotguns - the game has it all. Players can unlock all weapons as they progress through the game, winning matches and engaging in exciting game modes.

Competitive Mode

The game can be played with involved friends, as well as make new ones around the world. Players can create a clan or an alliance and compete against other alliances in three game modes.

The team with the most kills or the last standing survivor wins the battle and along with it receives huge rewards.

In addition, achievements can be unlocked in the game as you progress and gain experience points. In addition, the player can also check their own rating in the game.

In-game economy

Gold in Standoff 2 is a game currency that players can use to purchase premium items such as skins, weapons, crates, and other items.

The currency is obtained through a long and tedious farming. Buying game gold in Standoff 2 from us is a much faster and more convenient way to purchase currency at the lowest price with safe and fast delivery.

About the game:

Developer ACID
Release date: 2018-06-06

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