Cabal Online

Cabal Online is a 3D MMORPG that quickly gained a large following in South Korea and eventually entered the international MMO market.

The game was released from closed beta testing in Europe in July 2006, and in December 2006 it was announced that the game and all subsequent versions were free of charge.


Cabal Online takes place in the fictional world of Nevaret - the post-apocalyptic Middle Ages. Thousands of years ago, this world was almost destroyed by an evil entity known as KABAL. The memories of this devastation are still fresh in the minds of its inhabitants.

Seven "Masters" grew out of the survivors, each of whom has abilities. Masters taught people, and Nevaret was rebuilt. Years later, the Cabal plans to return to power, and the game's characters take on the role of heroes who fight rebellion and conspiracy.

A story like this has been created countless times, but Cabal Online does not feature a story-driven game. Instead, the developers focus on the gameplay.

The world of Cabal Online is divided into different zones or maps. New characters only have access to three of the available zones, but as they progress in the game they gain access to more zones.

Each zone has its own theme (for example, desert, jungle and snow) and its own unique set of NPCs and monsters. To move from one zone to another, players must go through the warp gates that are in each zone.

Game features

Cabal Online is largely a standard MMORPG, offering a good mix of PvE and PVP. PvE is a mixture of grind and quests, but also includes powerful dungeons that players can play with their friends.

PvP is distinguished by a large variety of content - duels, guild versus guild battles, and war zones (faction versus faction). Cabal Online definitely focuses on both PvP and PvE, offering players an optimal and balanced array of options and possibilities.

So you won't feel like you're missing out if you only prefer one side of the gameplay.


Players can choose from classes with classic MMO archetypes mixed with some unique options. Class options:

  • warrior,
  • assassin,
  • witcher,
  • shooter,
  • defender,
  • magician.

All of these classes are unique options available in the game and are distinguished by their magical origins.


In terms of battles, players will find that the fight is faster than in other games. Combat also includes a system of combo styles that provide a fluid and cinematic experience during combat.

Combo styles add variety to gameplay, eliminate identical battles and allow you to move at a steady pace, instead of just watching a character attack an enemy for several minutes with minimal gamer involvement.

Cabal is not a phenomenal game, but it has a lot of charm and fun for MMORPG fans.


As with most MMORPGs, the gameplay is centered around killing monsters, completing quests, and clearing dungeons. For these activities, players receive experience points (EXP) and Alz (gold coins) - the game currency. Players can form a group of up to 7 characters. An additional Party Bonus is received by members of the group, depending on their contributions.

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About the game:

Developer ESTsoft Corp
Release date: 2005-10-01

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