Lost Ark

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What is the most anticipated MMORPG now? I will answer - Lost Ark. The Korean studio Tripod Studio and its developers, working under the leadership of Smilegate, have been working on the game for the past 7 years and have invested a fabulous amount of money of $ 90 million in it, and the game itself is built on the well-known Unreal Engine 3. The official website has already been launched where you can apply for playing Lost Ark OBT. The main currency in the game is Lost Ark gold, what we sell to players on our website to facilitate their gameplay.


An isometric camera that will appeal to all fans who played Diablo, but fortunately, Lost Ark is not just a game in the genre Action / RPG, Hack and Slash, it is an MMORPG with all the ensuing advantages (possession of professions, a large lore, collecting mounts, sea battles, post-development character development and many others). Over the past few years, there has not been a single so beautiful, bright and thoughtful project in isometry in principle. 

The game provides a large number of arenas, mass events, dungeons, bosses (including world ones), but the most pleasant thing is that their diversity will not let you get bored. Daily tasks, PVP and PVE events, social quests for interaction with the NPC and the development of proximity. There are even daily mass dances for 30 people. In Lost Ark there is the opportunity to play a game in the game, a card game similar to Gwint. 

Lost Ark offers such gameplay with all of the above, but also: the camera is on top, a set of killer abilities hangs on the hotkeys, on the numbers of the potion, and if you go beyond the threshold of a peaceful settlement, whole hordes of evil spirits attack you, which need to be mowed vigorously. And for the braid to be out of adamantium, you need to farm a lot of gold on the arch bridge, or buy it in our store without bothering yourself with the boring farm in the game.

Lost Ark classes and archetypes

The Koreans tried to diversify this mowing both globally and tactically, the hero of one of 5 archetypes can become a tool of genocide:

  • Warrior
  • Monk
  • Shooter
  • Magician
  • Assassin

Each archetype has its own location and its introductory quest, which subsequently leads to the choice of class.

For a Warrior it will be:

  • The Crusher (Two-handed hammer) uses the element of lightning and inflicts huge AoE damage, each blow trample the enemy into the ground.
  • The commander (Spear & Shield) has a rifle built into the spear, and the shield allows you to control the actions of the enemy, in combination = deadly combination.
  • Berserk (Two-handed sword) thanks to the accumulated rage calmly cuts out crowds of opponents with both simple spells and AoE.

For the monk will be available classes such as:

  • Avatar (Iron brass knuckles) use the power of the elements, is the fastest and incredibly maneuverable class in the game.
  • Dualist (Power Gloves) allows you to use two types of energy that will enhance your abilities.
  • Key Master (Naked Fists) is a universal class that uses the skills of melee and ranged combat.
  • The Spear Master (Spear) uses two battle stances: Fire (increase damage) and ice (deals AoE damage)

For shooters, the selection will consist of:

  • Ranger (Classic bow and mechanical falcon) spot damage and high mobility.
  • Mechanist (Firearms in all its interpretations) control of the territory thanks to the turrets and inflicting huge damage.
  • Demon Hunter (Classic Winchesters, Revolvers and Grenades) using them you can perform incredible combinations.

For the magician will be available:

  • Minstrel (Musical Instruments) strengthens allies and deals point damage with music.
  • Summoner (Staff) is the call of an absolute army of creatures that help or destroy the enemies themselves.
  • Arcanologist (Cards) great variability in point and AoE damage, which will not make you bored.

Assassin has only two classes:

  • Blade (Long sword and double blade) two main weapons can be changed among themselves to kill enemies.
  • Demonic (Wrist Weapon and Demonic Force) can transform into a demon that has a large amount of HP and deals increased damage.

Attention to detail, a large number of classes, towers (multi-stage combat missions), secret dungeons and sea voyages - all this and even more offers Lost Ark, a project unique in its measure. In the game it is possible not only to participate in hostilities, but also to follow the peaceful path of character development. The location design and pretty good graphics will please the eye of anyone who decides to visit this world.

About the game:

Developer Smilegate
Publisher: Mailsru
Release date: 2019-10-31

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