Perfect World

Perfect World is a grandiose creation of Chinese MMORPG developers. The majestic Perfect World universe masterfully combines a mysterious oriental atmosphere, vibrant anime, unique multiplayer gameplay and a lot of opportunities for players. The game world is striking in its realism and energy, and it adds credibility and dynamics to the developed economic system, which is based on the game currency - the perfect world yuan (a kind of pw gold).

Earnings in Perfect World are not progressing in the fastest way, it also takes a lot of time to pump a character. If you do not want to endure a long farm, we suggest you buy pw yuan for real money and purchase the best armor, guns, artifacts and other game trifles for your hero.

About the game:

Perfect World is considered one of the most popular online games in the world. Several million gamers have registered accounts in the game and enjoy thoughtful gameplay, enjoy the amazing graphics, take part in hot battles and experience incredible emotions from events taking place in the game world.

The game is characterized by a flexible and volatile economic system. Trading between the players in Perfect World is an art comparable only to real monetary and financial relations. The game holds auctions for the sale of gold pw. PW Gold is a kind of stabilizer and helps to systematize cash flows.

Development at Perfect World

As for the official in-game currency, this is Yuan PW, an impressive amount of which can provide your character with the best equipment and elevate him to the top players. Frankly speaking, it is impossible to reach such a level if you are determined to make money on your own This is a long, hard and ungrateful work, which as a result, all the same, will not live up to your expectations and will not bring untold wealth. Therefore, if you set a goal to achieve the highest possible gaming results, then you should seriously think about buying a yuan in pw and focus on the really interesting side of the game. You can buy perfect world gold and exchange it with the Auctionist for Yuan.

This MMORPG is especially appreciated teamwork and interpersonal communication. You will achieve much more in the game if you do not play the “lone ranger” and deny the importance of social life. Communicate with other players, join guilds, take part in mass battles, and do not forget to demonstrate your tactical and strategic skills and leadership skills.

Game development

And to show gaming talents is best, of course, in battle. All battles in the game are focused on the capture and control of certain territories: the more land a guild owns, the more influential it is considered. Battles for the zones take place constantly, and these are perhaps the most anticipated and breathtaking events. It is for their sake that the players try to pump their character as fast as possible in order to rush into battle faster.

But there is one caveat: Eastern wisdom says that in life there is no need to rush anywhere. Apparently, the creators of the online game heeded the ancient laws of philosophy and decided that the key to a successful game is a slow leveling of the character, a leisurely farm and an unhurried quest line. If you follow this scenario, then a beginner needs weeks, or even months, to get used to the new world, to accumulate the perfect world gold, build muscle and establish connections with other players. But let's be frank: most representatives of the CIS community in just a few hours, a maximum of a couple of days, such a game rhythm will become boring and uninteresting. We are used to action, active events and the instant transformation of our character into a powerful, overgrown game unit.

Battleground in PW

The evidence that the domestic gaming community is eager to experience the sharpness of the sword in bloody fights as quickly as possible is crowded sectors for battles. Of course, someone will say that gamers are attracted to this place by the ease of profit, but in reality, given how long it takes to wait in line to fight, this way of earning does not seem profitable. Both new players and guardians acknowledge that making money in pw is not so easy, but you want to improve the character’s equipment, buy useful artifacts regularly, nevertheless, like in most MMORPGs, in perfect world donat decides a lot.

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About the game:

Developer Beijing Perfect World
Publisher: Beijing Perfect World
Release date: 2008-05-01

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