Escape from Tarkov

Benefits of buying Escape From Tarkov Money in the BenderMoney store:

  • Low prices
  • Delivery within 7 minutes
  • The currency of Tarkov is obtained only by game methods and is completely legal.

Why is it better to buy money from escape from tarkov than to farm - think about how much effort, time and nerves you need to spend to earn rubles in Tarkov? It is extremely difficult for beginners not to lose all their weapons at all, to say nothing of the extraction of Tarkov currency? If for you the pleasure of the game is more important than the farm of a few rubles, then feel free to buy money in Tarkov and after 7 minutes you will be in the best equipment in the raid.

Features Escape From Tarkov

  • The realism of game mechanics - hunger, dehydration, grenade explosions, lumbago bullets and other elements of physics are quite correctly written in the game engine.
  • Extensive weapon modification - just like NFS tuning used to be, you can also tune your weapon in Escape from tarov. You can modify and locate certain elements of the machine for hours, and then lose this machine in battle :) If you look at the full hardcore, for those who have lost their last firearm, I recommend buying escape from tarkov rubles from us and after 7 minutes break into the battle.
  • The mechanics of injuries are a great element that adds realism to the game. Broken hands reduce the ability to aim, broken legs slow down movement, head injuries blur the view and worsen the battle.
  • Death - this usually means that you won’t get points in the round or get less. But in Escape From Tarkov, death means that someone picks up all your supplies and you don’t get anything from the raid. You can stay completely naked with one axe.

Shooter or Survival Game?

Initially, the game came out as an offshoot of the Contract Wars game, where the Counter Strike format was trivial but the CIS style, and the format went well for people, there were many fans of this game, which gave rise to Eskape From Tarkov - but in this case we have a survival game where you have to to find a way out of the Tarkov zone and at the same time not to die from the friendly, wild opponents or crooked arms of friendlyfire. Huge interactions with the outside world and the mechanics of collecting things create an excellent Survivel in the style of military action.

How to make money Escape From Tarkov

There is only one way to earn money in the game - collecting loot and then selling it to merchants. It would seem like a classic MMO, he collected 100,500 skins from a mob and sold, but alas, it’s not so rosy, one killer will take away all your death and all your loot and you will lose the equipment that was before the fight, and you’ll , that is, go to minus. If the balance of your wallet goes to zero and there is nothing left except the ax, or if you are tired of running around with a gun and would like to wear a cool rifle, contact us, we will sell you as much currency as you need and deliver in 7 minutes .

About the game:

Developer Battlestate Games
Publisher: Battlestate Games
Release date: 2017-07-28

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How to buy Rubles in Tarkov:

  • Check with your operator for currency availability.
  • Fill in all the fields, including the number of required currency tarkov and payment method.
  • Get money Tarkov method convenient for you.