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How to transfer rubles. Click to read. A must for new clients!

The minimum cost of the one lot should be 1kk (million rubles)

The transfer of rubles in the game occurs exclusively through the sale of items at a flea market. You put to sell something much more expensive than the market price, we buy this lot. We do not cover the commission in the game, so you need to select items and their price so that you are satisfied with the commission.

Not all items are suitable for transfer, because exhibiting them at a very high price will result in a very large commission. Therefore, first go to the flea market and check what item you can sell for (by choosing an item for sale and indicating the desired price in the game, what commission will be written).

You can exhibit many lots, the total price of all lots is equal to the amount of the order. Example: by paying 10kk you can set 10 lots of 1kk each, or two lots of 5kk each, it already depends on the things you have for sale.

If you do not have a flea market open or do not have things then:

- farm things in raids;

- you can order pumping / farming rubles to your account, it's about 2-3 times more expensive than just buying rubles and transferring it through a flea market, but you get player pumping and as many rubles as you pay.

To clarify the details, write to the site operator in the online chat or other messengers that are indicated in the site header.

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Any key on request.
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