World of Warcraft (free)

Why are pirate wow servers popular:

  • Free subscription - a big barrier for the CIS community is financial. Many are still not willing to pay for games.
  • The choice of the game version is for those who are not enthusiastic about Bliizzard add-ons and miss vanilla or BC, and maybe WOLK, it’s pirates who open the door, unfortunately, do not play old add-ons on official servers.
  • Low entry threshold - on pirates, people are more likely to relate to the progress of the game, play for fun.
  • Choice of rates - do you want to download your character for a month? Play on x100 and deflate it in a day.

Version of pirated servers:

1.12.1 - Vanilla is a version of wow that few people found on off servers, since it was 2004. In our opinion, the best version of the WOW, since the basic concepts of MMORPGs were created in those years. Due to the fact that the version is very old, there are practically no bugs on pirates with this version.

2.4.3 - The BC version is the least popular version, but still has its fans, it does not differ much from vanilla.

3.3.5 - WOLK is the most popular version of pirated servers. There are both with underestimated 0.1 and overrated rates up to x999. The version is very popular in that it is not oversaturated with a bunch of content and it is created around the most colorful character in the game - King Lich Prince Arthas.

4.3.4 Cataclism is a less popular but still present version. New classes and battles with elementals like players.

5.4.8 - Panda is one of the most popular versions, most likely due to the introduced content with pandas.

6.2.3 - Warlords of Draenor considered the best addition after which Blizzard things went in the direction of Korean MMO and all other additions are fierce game.

7.15  Legion - a modern version of Wow, with a lot of content, but not without cons, namely bugs. As Blizzard increasingly protects its content from copying, it is becoming increasingly difficult for pirates to create a quality version.

About the game:

Developer Blizzard Entertainment
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
Release date: 2004-11-23

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