World of Warcraft

November 23, 2004 was remembered by many gamers around the world, because on that day the legendary World of Warcraft from Blizzard Entertainment was released. Today it is the highest grossing and most popular MMORPG in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records. She collected an incredible amount of awards, received many rave reviews. They didn’t hear about the game universe. But everyone heard! Especially, after the release of the full-length film of the same name, which was waited with great impatience not only by the fans of the game, but also simply by lovers of high-quality fantasy.

Superbly decorated locations deserve special attention. Your character will travel through evergreen forests, gloomy deserts, snow-covered fields, majestic cities with beautiful Buddhist temples, impressive fortifications, mysterious fortresses ...

Why is World of Warcraft so remarkable?

Alas, the wonderful world of WoW will not open to you right away. The game is paid, so you have to buy a subscription. Of course, you can initially test the starter version, but many of its possibilities are limited in it, so you just postpone the purchase of the subscription for several days or a week. By the way, in the future you can pay for your stay in Warcraft using in-game gold, buying a special token for it. Conversely, buying a token for real money will bring you gold wow.

When we sorted out the preliminary financial issues, it's time to get acquainted with the plot and features of the game. You find yourself in a fictional universe of Warcraft, made in the classic fantasy style. You will see the worlds of Azeroth, Argus and Draenor - each with its own thousand-year history, sacred mission, ancient gods and titans, powerful creatures, unpredictable portals, etc. In just a few minutes you are guaranteed to fall in love with this world!

The plot of the game unfolds mainly around the confrontation between the two warring factions - the Horde and the Alliance, as well as their struggle with the demons of the Burning Legion. Bright and spectacular battle in the fields, principal duels and fights in arenas, deadly, but disturbing raids to world bosses await you - you only need to make regular buy wow gold in our store so that your hero is strong and does not die during the first attack.

And so that the movement through countless picturesque places was quick, easy and enjoyable, the developers have provided the opportunity to saddle mounts or flying creatures. And it will be a wolf, a dragon, a turtle, a bear, a hippogryph, a carpet-plane or a funny egg on its legs - it depends only on your desire and the amount of gold you have. If the desire to purchase a certain pet is big, and the gold is limited, you can always contact our operators, place an order in Bendermoney and we sell wow gold.

All About WoW Character

Choosing a game character, getting to know his characteristics, thinking who is better is always an exciting process. Especially if you have to choose from 13 races and 12 classes. To begin with, it’s worth deciding which fraction you want to play for - the Alliance or the Horde. And then decide on the race.

  • Alliance: Worgen, Dwarves, Dwarves, Humans, Draenei, Night Elves;
  • Horde: goblins, orcs, undead, tauren, trolls, blood elves.

There is still a race of plump cute pandaren who can be played on both sides.

As for classes, the system of combining them with races is limited, but you can still find the perfect balance for yourself. You have the chance to become: a warrior, druid, priest, mage, hunter, paladin, robber, death knight, warlock, shaman, monk or demon hunter. All classes can play the role of a fighter, tank or support.

To achieve maximum level, you have to go through a bunch of quests, not all of which are interesting and dynamic. The level of your character can also be raised with the help of the classic killing of mobs, but this is an activity for the most zealous and proud. Many impatient players, eager for adventure and fun, do not accept such a monotonous development path and prefer to buy gold wow quickly.

In general, pumping a character on average takes 4-6 months, and if you take into account that you have to spend money on a subscription every month, you want to save more time and reveal all the gaming features as soon as possible. Therefore, think what will be more profitable - to pour a dozen paid weeks into an exhausting farm, or buy cheap wow gold and enjoy fighting victories and swim in the glory of the same period? The choice is obvious!

What is still noteworthy in World of Warcraft is the things that are very dignified from an aesthetic point of view: impressive armor, awesome weapons, mystical artifacts - you just want to touch and buy everything. As for their characteristics, it all depends on their price and on how much wow gold you are willing to pay for a particular thing. Equipment means a lot, if it is low-level, then even elementary quests can become an impossible task for you, not to mention hikes on raid bosses, capturing the flag or sieges of the castle.

To summarize and gold wow

Let many say that the graphics of WOW are already outdated, the plot is boring, and indeed the game has outlived itself ... But who will listen to them? World of Warcraft is a unique old-school MMORPG that has won the hearts of hundreds of millions of users. She will keep her old audience and “recruit” newcomers for many years to come. Well, in what other game will you meet a goblin dancing near Beyonce or a night elf pacing the moonwalk of Michael Jackson?

Personally, we appreciate the classics of the genre, which is World of Warcraft, and we will be glad if you share our tastes and play forever. If you need cheap wow gold and you decide to order gold from us - you will win! Order delivery is instant, gold prices are affordable, operators answer questions politely - in a word, you better not find a service! Come to us, get a positive charge and a bag of gold and play for fun, reaching unbeatable heights.

About the game:

Developer Blizzard Entertainment
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
Release date: 2004-11-23

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