Lineage 2 Essence

Lineage 2 essence is a variation of L2 classic, in which PvP mode is taken as the basis. All skills and economics are tailored to PvP. The mechanics of the game remains the same, except for changes in the class system for improved balancing. You do not need to download 8 twinks to dress a character, everything is quite comfortably mined by one character without a party. Aden lineage 2 essence farms without much difficulty in any location.

Game features

PvP oriented version - all races and classes are created for pvp. Global change skills and gains for the sake of balancing classes.

Minimal economy - almost everything can be bought in the store or for Donate l2 essence.

Simplified pumping - there is no drop from death, there are autocrops for AFK pumping.

Adena on l2 Essense - the drop of adena depends on the presence of "vitality"

Restriction in 1 window on 1 pc.

Game economics

Farm Adena Lineage 2 Essense is no longer limited to any class (craft and spoil) or competently organized group. Absolutely any character can farm adena without any problems. Monsters x1 and weakened.

Most of the improvements are freely available in the Cat Store, which means that the only restriction is that you have Adena.

The main feature of the game is a simplified economy. You do not need to farm 100,500 hours to get new armor, for this it is enough just a few hours a day to farm the mobs while the Vitalka is present. If you want to be in the top of the server, you can’t do without buying Adena lineage 2 essence.

Changes in classes and skills

  • Other character buffs have become self buffs, including song / dance
  • Many active buffs become passive.
  • Tirems in Tyr stack
  • Global changes suffered characteristics from skills.
  • Blurred the boundary between the caliper and DD, all the characters are sharpened by PVP.

Benefits of buying adena l2 essence from

  • Fast delivery - we issue an average order in 7 minutes.
  • You do not need to produce a bunch of twinks to farm adena, hone skills on one character and you will be happy, we will close the question of adena completely.
  • Stop playing PVE, start playing PVP!
  • Our work is your holiday. - Play Pleasure!

About the game:

Developer NCsoft
Release date: 2019-04-23

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