WoW Classic + Hardcore

All Blizzard fans exploded from the news that their prayers were answered and Wow Classic season of mastery opens its servers for players who are tired of innovations and nostalgic for the game that was many years ago. An old, hardcore one with an incredibly exciting storyline, where farming a gold wow classic was so difficult that every thousand gold in wow was valuable. Was it better before or does our memory erase the negative? We offer to break into your favorite WWII faction and show real hardcore gameplay like in the old days!

Game features

The main differences between WoW classic are hardcore and the maximum level of gameplay in the mid 2000s. A little plot and constant grind is what awaits the players of the classic version. Are they ready? Of course, yes, the world of Azeroth will languish in lines for the first months, because the players are tired of constantly saving the world from various demons, they just want to collect weed and fangs of wild boars to exchange them for Wow Classic season of mastery Gold. Huge online and packed to the eyeballs of the server, that’s what awaits you on the good old vanilla.

The main goal of the game

Your goal as Azeroth’s hero is to fight universal evil and interracial wars. So get ready to farm 100500 wild boars for the next "piggy hunter" achievement. Since instances and raids will be extremely hardcore, you need to provide your character with a decent equip. You can spend hundreds of hours on random mining and crafting, or you can buy gold in the classic and be on a horse (or mount). So if you want to become a legendary character in a cult game, you need a lot of strength, nerve and perseverance!

Why do you need wow classic season of mastery gold

You need Gold Wow Classic season of mastery absolutely everywhere and always. Buying items for crafting or an entire artifact that you cannot knock from the boss. Heroic things and mounts are not the only thing that you have to buy for gold, chants and stones, without which not a single dungeon, food, heal, mana can be repaired, repair things and reforges. You cannot cover all your character’s needs with one profile, so exit 2: The first and very difficult one is to create a lot of twins, pump out and get different professions. Or the second one to buy gold in the classic from us within 7 minutes after payment of the order.

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About the game:

Developer Blizzard
Release date: 2019-08-27

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