Warspear Online

​Warspear Online is a classic 2D pixel mobile MMORPG in which gamers must choose a faction in the War of the Spear. Cross-platform play is available for PC, Linux, iOS and Android.


Gamers are introduced to the unique playable races, classes and skills of characters, which opens up to them the wonderful world of Warspear Online.

In the Battle of the Spear, players choose between factions: Guardians and Legion. Each alliance consists of four races. The user can play as an elven Firstborn, resilient Mountain Clans, the Chosen One, or Cursed Undead. The player opens more than ten different classes tied to each race, from which he chooses the optimal one for himself. The Warspear Online classes allow players to unlock the availability of over 70 skills.

Way of passing

Gamers advance through the story through a series of exciting quests that will send them travel both in the starting zone of the race and outside of it. The long series contains over 1,500 quests spanning seven different islands.

PVP arena in Warspear

Players have the opportunity to enter the game arena with a team of 2, 3 or 5 for rating PvP, or take part in regularly planned server wars in which two playable factions fight each other in open combat.

Detailed pixel graphics

A distinctive feature of the game is colorful retro-style pixel graphics. The styling gives the game a classic RPG feel, which is unusual on mobile platforms.

Huge game world

After downloading Warspear Online, the player is immersed in an amazing world and begins his journey as one of four races and chooses from 12 classes, each with its own unique skills.
Users will participate in massive PvP battles, as well as explore a world with a lot of PvE content. Players have an exciting opportunity to explore seven huge islands, which contain dungeons, caves, cities and NPCs, offering more than 1,500 original tasks.

In the world of Arinar, players will find an incredible fantasy world filled with hundreds of different and unique monsters and bosses. Gamers expect more than 1.5K quests and hundreds of daily tasks. The arsenal of characters includes a variety of weapons, magic, artifacts and gold.


The main in-game currency is gold. For in-game gold, players can buy almost any thing or service, gold is the most significant asset in a player's bag.
Gold mining in Warspear Online for most players is a routine and tedious task. Due to the fact that in-game money is in demand for an extended list of game functions, currency is spent extremely quickly.

In order to avoid shortages and shortages of currency at the right time, players have to spend a significant amount of time farming in Warspear online.

Of course, you can go in for agriculture, hunting or trade. However, these methods require some experience, which in turn takes a lot of time. Buying currency from us is a fast and economical way to get Warspear Online gold in the required amount.

About the game:

Release date: 2008-06-12

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