Aion Free

The difference between the freechard and off Aion

When choosing a server for the Aion game, be prepared for the fact that freeshards are often dramatically different from the official version of the game. Only the game client is saved, and the complexity of the gameplay, the proposed events, daily tasks and other features at the same time represent unique game content. Most free shards are focused on a dynamic and full action game, which is why admins try to make it as easy as possible for players to level the character so that they can switch to bright and emotional PvP as quickly as possible. The most popular unofficial server of the game is Aion Legend, which back in 2007 won the hearts of tens of thousands of players.

Economy at Aion

So, let's talk about the most important currency for every gamer - game currency. In Aion, Kinahs are the main currency for which you can buy weapons, equipment, wings (do you remember that the Aion universe is famous for flights?) And other attributes. Due to the fact that it’s not difficult for players to quickly pump their character, it begins to seem to them that Aion Kinahs will also come in their pocket at ease and easily. But if everything was so simple, then all Daevas would have switched to free servers for a long time and bathed in money.

In fact, everything depends on the eternal dilemma of gamers: are you ready to spend all the time on monotonous extraction of game currency, while sacrificing your participation in exciting events, sieges, dungeon trips, sorties to Razlom, where bloody battles with balaurs take place? If you are ready, then there are no questions - you really succeed in accumulating a substantial sum of money. But if you came into the game for unforgettable emotions and adventures, then the easiest way is to buy Kinah Aion for real money and forget about farming and completing quests. Of course, you can combine business with pleasure, and in your free time from sieges and mass battles, pay attention to crafting. But in order to buy unique wings or powerful armor, you still have to buy Kinah Aion, so that surely was enough for the thing you liked. Buying a kinah is not a luxury in our time, but quite a common thing, especially for those who cannot spend a day in their beloved game world.

About the game:

Developer NCSoft
Publisher: NCSoft
Release date: 2008-11-25

Aion is the most popular online MMORPG game created by the Korean company NCSoft, the developer of the legendary Lineage II. The official version of the game is paid (the principle of pay to play applies), but numerous free shards allow players to get free access to the game universe.

It is a fact that the free versions of most online games are casual, that is, gamers have to spend much less time and effort to level the character to the maximum level. It would seem that this principle should work for the extraction of game currency. But, as practice shows, the financial issue for free server players is as acute as for users of rouoff servers. Kinah aion, although it’s easier to earn, is still constantly in short supply