Wow Cataclysm Classic

Features of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Classic

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Classic - classic servers based on Cataclysm version. The game will be available in Russian with a paid subscription.

Gamers are provided with additional opportunities to reach 70th levels, fly in inspiring vehicles, meet new races and much more.

Raid bosses will have original characteristics from version 2.0. Like the classic WoW, there are several phases of content to be released.

New content and game updates

  • 2 new races: the ability to play on the side of the Horde as a blood elf in order to find a source of sorcery energy, or join the ranks of the Alliance as a draenei who left Outland and find a new home.
  • Flying Mounts: Flying into the corrupted Shadowmoon Valley and aiming into the confused skies of Netherstorm will be available on new flying mounts.
  • Max Level: The ability to level up rises to 70, unlocking new abilities and classes.
  • Faction seals: paladins of each faction in PvP for 64 lvl are awarded with faction seals, and upon receipt of 70, seals for the opposition faction are also given.
  • Arenas: The scale of the arena will double.
  • New Territories: Expanded journeys through the Dark Portal, straight to Outland.

What to choose: WoW Classic or Cataclysm Classic

After the release of the preliminary pre-patch and server maintenance, players with characters who are currently on classic servers have three options for further character development.

  • Upgrade to Cataclysm Classic: No action required. Current servers will migrate to Pandaria Classic.
  • WoW Vanilla Exclusive: Players will be able to transfer characters to Classic Era for free, which will remain in Classic Phase 6 (Naxxramas).
  • Paid copying of a character: the service will allow players to clone a snapshot of a character with its further transfer to the world of Classic Era. The original model will go to WoW Cataclysm. Players will be able to download the character in Cataclysm, keeping an identical copy in classic servers.

From the Classic to the date of copying, the character's inventory, reputation, bank, professions are transferred.


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About the game:

Developer Blizzard
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