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R2 online

R2: Reign of Revolution is a fascinating South Korean MMORPG. The game is known to the domestic gaming community as R2 Online. For Innova, the localization company, this project has become one of the most successful in the post-Soviet space. R2 won the hearts of players with high-quality graphics, thoughtful design and a balanced class system.

Economics and commodity-money relations play an important role in the vastness of this gaming universe. The main game currency is silver r2 online, for which players can buy consumables, various weapons and things. Bright trade shops and profitable auctions will be waiting for you at every corner - there are a lot of temptations in the game, only here there is usually not enough silver p2 for everything. But by converting real money into game currency, you can satisfy all your requests!

About the game:

Acquaintance with a new game begins during the creation of the character. You can independently choose the gender, appearance and specialization of the hero, based on your own preferences. R2 Online offers players a choice of 5 game classes: Knight, Mage, Ranger, Summoner and Assassin, each of which has special characteristics, differs in the way of combat, abilities and type of weapon. The initial locations in R2 are Guinea Island and Acre Island; where you get depends on the class you select. At first, you will have to complete a series of tasks, after which you will be taken to the port of Eschborn - the gateway to the wonderful world of R2 Online.

Game Money P2

In P2 Online silver is game currency, you will need it already in the initial stages of the game. Indeed, the faster you buy good weapons and powerful armor, the easier it will be to level up your character, and the faster you will be able to get into the ranking of the best players on Baalbek or Jupiter servers. Silver r2 online is the key to game success, battles won, military glory and political influence in the game world. All leaders prefer to buy silver on P2 in order to spend precious time not on a grueling farm, but on conquering the game Olympus.

The idea of investing in game currency makes attractive the absence of restrictions on equipment. Having placed an order in the BenderMoney store, in 15 minutes you can dress your character in the best armor and buy him an elite bow that does not know a miss, or a sparkling sword that will hit enemies directly in the heart.

Guilds in R2 online

Keep in mind that R2 Online is team oriented. Being a member of a strong guild, you have a good chance to become the owner of valuable and unique resources and to instill fear in players from less successful associations. Guaranteed pleasure you will receive during the mass battle. Thanks to the excellent graphics, even with a quick change of frames during the battle, the spectacle is mesmerizing and looks extremely impressive. But you can’t get into the elite guild if your character is frankly naked. But if you buy P2 silver and dress your hero, and even demonstrate excellent skills in strategy and tactics, then you will become a welcome guest in the top guilds.
To buy R2 Online silver, you just need to fill out the form on the page of our online store or contact the support chat. The quality of the transaction is guaranteed, the time spent is minimal, and the pleasure of playing after acquiring game currency is the maximum!

About the game:

Developer Webzen Games
Release date: 2008-05-21

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