Aion is the brainchild of the NCSoft company known for the entire gaming community, which developed the legendary MMORPG Lineage II. Aion immediately gained immense popularity and love among players all over the world thanks to many innovative features, high-quality graphics, interesting gameplay, PvP-oriented and multi-functional character editor.

The game universe Aion gives players the opportunity to take part in hot battles, wander in search of adventure, earn the glory of a leader and a fearless hero, create invincible groups, enjoy beautiful bird's-eye scenery and much more. Aion is a whole life, capable of giving a lot of unforgettable emotions, adrenaline and vivid memories.

The history of the game world

One of the important aspects of any online game is the plot. We can safely say that the plot of Aion is extremely interesting and realistic, you will not want to miss the part where newcomers are introduced to the history of the game world. The events in the game revolve around the confrontation of three races: the Asmodian (in the game they are called "blacks"), the Elyos and the Balaur (which are considered the source of evil). Previously, the Elyos and Asmodians, noble and pure in soul of creation, were the only people of Atreus, who waged war against the Balaurs, or dragons. But then a terrible catastrophe occurred - the Tower of Eternity split, and part of the once friendly race was away from their brothers and their home, and gradually their appearance changed, and hatred settled in their hearts. Since then, the number of parties to the devastating war has increased.

Aion Features

As the old Russian proverb says: "They meet me by the clothes ...". For MMORPGs, clothing is primarily a graphic component. If the animation, drawings, textures, landscapes delight the player’s eye, then he will at least stay in the game for a short while. Aion belongs to those online games in which the game world seems alive and real. The mobs here do not stand lost in their locations, waiting for the farmers to kill them, they have their own bright and rich life, grass, trees - everything rustles, breathes and looks extremely natural. In a word, some movement constantly occurs around the player, creating the effect of reality and presence.

The iconic distinctive feature of Aion are flights. All players with great approval and admiration respond about the moment when a character can open its wings, take off and appreciate the beauty of the game world from a great height. And many people like not so much flying as hovering above the ground. But always remember that the flight time is not unlimited, the “fuel” can end, and your character can easily dive down and crash, so be sure to monitor the flight sensor.

When you reach a certain level of pumping, you get your first wings, so to speak, a standard set. But if you want wings with a unique plumage, an unusual color, large size or with additional effects, then they will have to fork out. The main currency in the game is Aion Kinah. And if you didn’t manage to farm, or your gold and foreign exchange reserve has run out, you can always buy Kinah Aion for real money using the services of our online store. It is profitable, fast and convenient.

Aion combat system requires full attention and focus on the game. To participate in battles, if you want to make the most of your character’s combat capabilities, you will need both hands, so you won’t be able to auto-grind and hamster a sandwich at the same time.

Another feature of the game is stigma, or unique features, the choice of which depends on the class of your character. Stigmas are needed in order for the hero to acquire additional skills that are not included in the “basic set”. This can be protective spells, passive abilities, and a bonus to dexterity, strength, etc.

How to earn Aion Kinah

Game currency in Aion can be earned in several ways. Players get quite a good reward for completing quests, and this can be tasks not only of the "give, bring" type, but also missions to destroy opponents. But no matter how fascinating at first the quests may seem, over time they bother, and I want to get aion kinahs in some other way.
In addition to quests, developers provide for gathering and crafting. There are a lot of professions in Aion, you can choose a business to your liking, whether it be alchemy, blacksmithing or cooking. However, you can accumulate a really substantial amount of Kinah Aion only if you spend so much time on your chosen craft. Otherwise, you will not have enough money to buy the things you like, and miss all the interesting events.

Many Daevas honestly say that in Aion Ruoff, Keenars are earned with a creak. Players must constantly spin, trade at auction, farm, complete daily quests, and as a result, the game turns not into entertainment, but work. What to do if Kinah aion are needed in large quantities (because you don’t go to dungeons without potions and scrolls, or you don’t want to lag behind other players who have bought great wings for a long time!), But don’t want to earn them? It's simple - you can buy Aion Kinah, both Ruoff Kinah and free servers in the Bendermoney store. Transactions are fast, reliable and convenient for you, and in 10 minutes the game will open for you in a new way!

About the game:

Developer Ncsoft
Release date: 0000-00-00

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