Dragon Nest

The 21st century has brought us captivating MMORPGs that evoke violent emotions. These are immersive games that let you meet people from all over the world on an epic adventure filled with adventure. One such game is New Dragon Nest. The game instantly conquered the hearts of the players, deciding to test their strengths in it.

Thanks to its impressively beautiful graphics and challenging PvP aspect, the game deservedly received high marks and many positive reviews from all players from all over the world. Dragon Nest is a fun way to get started with the MMORPG genre.

Setting and atmosphere of the game

The atmosphere of Dragon Nest does not change the canons of fantasy: monsters that must be defeated to gain experience, beautiful landscapes, travels through the enchanting land of Altera, as well as classic dungeons.

There are many activities and adventures here that will surely appeal to beginners, but the content will not feel chaotic and cluttered. New Dragon Nest offers a neat and structured gameplay that makes it easy to track your progress. This is all thanks to an organized user interface and game mechanics that generally improve the gameplay.

The game is full of magic, spells and beautiful animations. Children and adults alike will love the overall fantastic atmosphere of the game. The plot begins with stars falling from the sky, which will lead to the death and rescue of Altera's people. With one star that summoned the soul of the Prophet, chaos and evil also arose. The player's task is to reflect these evil entities and once and for all restore peace and order in the world.

Exciting class system

There are seven classes in Dragon Nest, and they all have different abilities and skills that make them unique. The Huntress offers medium and close range attacks, and is also a master at summoning creatures. The Mechanic is known for his medium-range magical attacks and is great for summoning pets.

Cleric also gains support, tanking thanks to high and strong defense and melee magic attacks. Warriors are good for physical attacks and fast movement.

If you love magical attacks and massive AOE damage, the Sorceress is the perfect choice. The archer is designed for quick fire and medium range physical attacks. And finally, the Assassin, who is known for his strong explosive damage and melee physical DPS.

All of these classes have their own set of skills, and the only question is which of the classes will bring you joy to master. Each of these groups also has 9 basic skills with different ranks. They all also have special skills that you can unlock at levels 15 and 45, after which you can reach Awakening rank.

Beautiful graphics

The developers removed all unnecessary clutter cluttering the interface to give Dragon Nest players the perfect 3D look. You will now fully experience the incredible and vast lands of Alter.

Animation is better, character models, textures and details are smoother and more seamless. The camera possibilities are endless and offer a visually pleasing view of the game. The characters are compatible with today's standard graphics, which will please new and old Dragon Nest players alike.

Game currency

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About the game:

Release date: 2011-09-01

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