Lineage 2 NA/EU

For many fans of the well-known Korean Lineage 2 game, NA / EU servers are an ideal opportunity to return to those good old days when the cult MMORPG was the pinnacle of the online gaming industry. Despite the fact that with the opening of the Russian-speaking official servers of the Ruler most of the players moved here, yet many loyal gamers have remained loyal to the l2 eu servers.

The modern approach to the game is significantly different from what it was in the first years after the opening of Lineage II. Today, players do not want to spend a lot of time pumping and farming, but prefer to move as quickly as possible to the most exciting game aspects - PvP and events. The only thing a player can do to avoid farming and get game currency is to buy Lineage Adena.

Lineage 2 euro servers:

There are several l2 euro servers. Let's dwell on each of them.

L2 Core - still remains one of the most lively and numerous servers, despite the fact that many clans and alliances left the European server when Ruoff was opened. The price of lineage adena has stabilized, so now most players can afford to invest some money in game currency and put their character in top gear.

Ramona EU - in addition to being a server with a very original name, it is also one of the most beloved fans of the European Project Line. All experienced gamers know that the key to an interesting game is a good start. If you first invest in your hero, then in the future it will bring not only a lot of emotions and fun, but also profit. First you have to buy Lineage 2 Adena, upgrade your character and make it a powerful combat unit, and then the game currency will flow into your pockets. In this case, the sale of Adena in Lineage 2 becomes relevant, which will give you a real opportunity to make good money.

FreyaEU is a fairly young European server with a large online and vibrant economy. At one time, many eminent clans moved to Freya, and some of them are still actively playing here. As for the market, it has not yet been overwhelmed with top-grade items, so gaming interest remains.

Naia - this server is often called the heir of Theon himself, to whom all true connoisseurs of the Ruler worshiped. Naya can be called a stronghold, the center of the strongest clans and experienced watchmen Lanej. The server is still large online, and due to the constant influx of newcomers including. Of course, you need to understand that without donation, new players on the server have nothing to do, because for gamers who have already devoted a huge amount of time to the game, they can never keep up on their own. But buying adena in lineage 2 can bridge the gap between players and help newcomers join the Naia gaming community.

Hronos - the formidable server name is fully justified! Here the atmosphere of the real Lineage reigns, as if the god Chronos himself had stopped time, and the server froze in the golden era of the legendary online game. You will find a ruthless economy, the conquest of the Olympics, grandiose sieges and much more, from which more than one generation of gamers was delighted. But if you want to feel as strong and powerful as experienced server players, you should buy Lineage 2 Adena.

Zaken is a server that combines the hardcore of the classic Ruler and the light character leveling model. Getting level is much easier than on the classics, but still the grind has to spend a lot of time. To avoid this monotonous gaming aspect, you can buy la2 euro adena and get the most out of your game on the Zaken server.

About the game:

Developer Ncsoft
Release date: 2003-10-01

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