Karos Online

About the game

Karos Online is a new free and stylish fantasy MMORPG. The game is equipped with a lot of addictive content and a captivating storyline.

Players try themselves in the role of a hero, whose goal is to defeat the curse of darkness. Hordes of terrifying, insatiable and bloodthirsty creatures prepare their fangs for attack to sweep Asmara's fantasy universe.

The characters have a long journey to the top of fame and honor, along the way developing to the mythical warrior Karos.

Highlights of the game

The content of the game is diverse:

  • performing interesting quests;
  • killing mobs;
  • participation in guild battles;
  • PVP mode with massive battles;
  • Hunt for bosses with the ability to knock out precious items from the set and their special weapons;
  • classic dungeons in which players go in group or solo.

The characters of the players are fighting for the possession of the world source of life energy - Flett.

The Flett Gems are the foundation for an individual and holistic alternative play system. Together with the classic leveling in the game, the energy of the Flett Jewels is required to increase the characteristics. With its help, characters receive enhancements and can impose additional buffs on items. Energy is sold.

Economy in the game

Carats are the main game currency in the Karos Online universe. Carats are of paramount importance in pumping hero and guild traits. Ways to earn money include several ways: killing mobs, completing quests, fishing, mining and other content.

Although the extraction of resources and game currency in Karos Online, unlike many other MMOs, is not very difficult, the farming process is not much fun.

In order to fully explore the fantasy world, the player needs to spend a couple of weeks or even months on routine activities: massive battles in PvP mode, hunting for rare mobs, guild wars.

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What do you get by purchasing currency without farming:

  • full immersion in the game, instead of boring mob farming;
  • freeing up a large amount of time and spending it with greater benefit and interest;
  • fast pumping of equipment, which will be ahead of the enemy;
  • more gold means more privileges.

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About the game:

Developer GalaxyGate
Release date: 2010-10-06

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