Bless Unleashed

Bless Unleashed is a hardcore MMORPG inspired by Bless Online from Neowiz. BU was created for true adventurers. The game world immerses you in a fascinating open world full of adventure and danger at every step.

The game is characterized by an action-packed combat system with thoughtful combined mechanics with evasions on the progressive engine Unreal Engine 4, pumped-over customization, PvE-activities, all kinds of competitive PvP-formats,

Game features, races and classes

Bless Unleashed is distinguished by an abundance of interesting playable races, which are divided into factional warring camps. Therefore, it is important to be careful with the choice.

The northern continental part belongs to the state of Giron, which includes the Habichts - the people who stand in the center of government, the Sylvan Elf - the keepers of knowledge, and the Lupus - the ancient inhabitants of the northern forests. Fedayins, who will appear in the state later, are people from another dimension.

The southern part of the continent is the Union, which is inhabited by the Amistad (Amistad) - a race of people, once separated from the Valor, the water elves Marrians (Aqua Elf) and the formidable Targars (Pantera). In the near future, the southern state will join the ranks of warriors with half-blood demons - Iblis.

In addition, Bless Unleashed has neutral playable races: adorable mask babies and sirens.

Bless Unleashed is characterized by the classic class system - tanks, heals and everything else. Tank guards, dressed in heavy equipment, armed with a shield and military weapons, reduce the indicators of the enemy's armor, reduce the speed of the enemy and divert attention to themselves, reflecting incoming damage.

Paladins, also armed with shields, wield a heavy mace. Paladins not only excel at solo survival with the help of an energy shield. Thanks to the healing and resurrection perks, paladins are an indispensable class in the party.

The other 4 playable classes also deal damage to enemies when distracted by the guardian and paladin:

  • a ranger wielding a bow;
  • a berserker armed with a massive halberd;
  • a magician who owns elemental magic;
  • assassin is a clever and stealthy assassin.

Further 2 more classes will appear in the game:

  • a mystic who summons spirits with the ability to attack enemies, enhance party members, heal or protect;
  • a sorcerer who maintains contact with the demonic world and also summons spirits.
  • The game world is a total variety. For participating in battles between factions, gamers earn honor points, which affect the rank and battle rating. Depending on the level of the rank, the weekly reward is higher.

Currency in Bless Unleashed

Bless Unleashed is a real hit of the last time, which has gathered millions of gamers under the banner. The developers thought out in detail and realized every aspect of the game: from the plot and combat system to graphics and a variety of races.

The game provides many things that require gold: armor, weapons, pets, all kinds of boosters and more. There are two ways to do this: you can farm long and tediously, or just buy Bless Unleashed gold.

Of course, the in-game currency in Bless Unleashed can be earned from selling looted items, completing rare quests or raid playthroughs. However, the profit obtained from these activities can hardly be called sufficient. Therefore, buying currency is a quick and simplified development process in the game.

About the game:

Developer Round 8 Studios
Release date: 2021-08-05

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