If you are looking for a high-quality toy where you want to gloriously fight an opponent, take part in hot battles, catch the buzz from killing a huge creepy monster, try yourself as a fierce "sea wolf" or just plunge into a beautiful and bright game whirlpool, then ArcheAge is like times for you! This is one of the most popular and, in due time, expected games from the Korean developer. At the moment it has full localization in our Russian language.

Events in AA, as in most MMORPGs, take place in a fictional world, made in the style of European and Eastern Middle Ages. The story is incredibly fascinating, connected with the legendary First expedition to the center of the earth and the further split of the Primordial mainland. There are elements of mythology and fantasy: the ancient gods and terrible monsters will appear before the players, among which are: Kraken, Najjar, Ancient idol, Red dragon and others.

Features of the Arhceage universe

The world of Archeage is huge, open and colorful, consists of three continents and the ocean. Players are not limited in movement, when moving between locations there are no long and tedious downloads. You can travel not only on land or through portals, but also on water on ships and by air using special devices - gliders.

The graphics of the game are amazing: amazing landscapes, majestic nature and buildings, units create a sense of reality of what is happening, and the change of day and night gives a magical look of the game world at sunset and at dawn. Skills look very beautiful, so the spectacle during mass battles, sieges or just duels is guaranteed.

Also among the undoubted advantages of ArcheAge is continuous development. Since the start, more than a dozen updates have been released: finalized the interface, improved many gameplay moments, added new raid bosses, locations, home, profession, and even race.

Character Overview

In the game ArcheAge there are two fractions represented by several races .;

  • Western: Nuians, Elves and dwarves. 
  • Eastern: Harani, Firrans, Warborns.

There is a third party, consisting of representatives of all races. They are united by criminal inclinations - they all chose the path of a pirate.
Each race has its own story, skills, characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, unique appearance.

By the way, at the expense of appearance. Initially, when choosing a character, you are free to give him any appearance. The customizer is so vast that it is possible to make your character - an almost complete copy of yourself.

As for the classes of heroes, their number and system can hit even the most picky and demanding player. There are 120 of them! There are 10 specializations from which you can choose three, learn skills from them and combine them. Of course, it’s impossible to open all the skills at once, in order to master them you will need a huge number of skill points. And if there was a desire to change the branch of specialization, then it costs a lot of money. So many people prefer to buy ArcheAge gold and immediately become the owner of new skills, rather than a lot of time to save for it, so that, in the end, everything was not a joy because of a long wait .

The economic component of ArcheAge

The goal of any game is to achieve the highest possible result: quickly develop a character, fill inventory with top things, get the number of the most “advanced” players, etc. 

Naturally, this cannot be achieved without certain resources, gold archeage and other game currency. Our Bendermoney store has compiled a list of the most typical and relevant ways to earn money.

It is worth noting that the main feature of the game is a combination of life at sea and on land, which gives a lot of opportunities. There is no one-sidedness and fixation on one thing, you can find an occupation, guided by interest and desire. Professions are extremely diverse, there are more than 20.

Fans of the sea can do the following:

  • Go fishing, both offshore and away.
  • Set up an underwater farm and grow algae there.
  • Explore the seabed in search of treasures.
  • Search for lost islands and discover their secrets, and in parallel - discover rare resources or ingredients.
  • Become a merchant and transport goods by sea to other continents and receive gold aa.
  • To hunt by robbery, if you are tired of normal work, become a pirate, get a ship with black sails, take a ship on board, and get rich at the expense of the loot.
  • Participate in naval battles with the enemy, raids on neighboring continents or destroy along with the allies of the Kraken.

On land, interesting and profitable business is also enough, it is worth paying attention to the following:

  • Classic PvE - as always, farm mobs, visit dungeons and kill world bosses.
  • Build a house, furnish it at your discretion, hang a portrait on the wall, set up a garden on the street and engage in peaceful activities, growing fruits and vegetables.
  • Understand cattle breeding and raise animals.
  • Master the art of alchemy, cooking, decorator, herbalism, etc.
  • Engage in the production of weapons, armor, books, wood products, clay, stone.
  • Try yourself in tailoring, mining, leatherworking.
    Win thieves' fame and profit from other people's resources.
  • Together with the members of your guild to conquer lands on the Northern continent, build a castle there and set your taxes.
  • You can even create your own state if you can collect the signatures of 1,500 supporters.

Yes, it would seem, occupations and, accordingly, far from one option for making money, but, alas, there are stumbling blocks.

Do you beat mobs, but its boring? Buy a gold bag!

After the release of the game, observers noted that although ArcheAge is a rare example of exciting content, it is extremely complex, requiring full dedication and spending a lot of free time.

And even on the main page of the game there is a sentence warning about the difficulties of mastering the profession, asking them not to give up.
The players themselves note: in order to earn money through farming and gathering, you need to work hard.
But what if you are a busy business person, work, study, do something important in real life and cannot spend valuable time on routine farming or farming? It is clear that when you get to the computer, you don’t really want to work hard in the virtual world. And it is still necessary to take the gold somewhere, in order to keep up with the players who will doddle for days on end. In such cases, we come to the rescue, the Bendermoney game currency store, where you can place an order with our operator, buy gold in ArcheAge and be calm that you are no worse than others.

In the game you can get many curious and useful things.
For example, if you like to watch everything that happens in the game from a bird's eye view, then you should take care of a decent glider. The cooler you have it, the higher its speed and maneuverability, more manageable and more diverse turns and freaks.

All sorts of amulets, powders, potions, etc. - expensive but really important purchases.
Home improvement, furniture, decorations will result in a tidy sum, but everyone wants to live in comfort and luxury.

The rarest, most powerful and majestic pets fall out of raid bosses, and to tame them, you will need expensive special traps. If you want to become the owner of a valuable fighting pet to the envy of your allies and rivals, it is better to buy a gold in ArcheAge and go hunt them.

Updates regularly appear in the game, and in order to test immediately all the super-duper innovations, you need top-class inventory, which means money.

The same thing happens with the most epic and exciting PvP events: in order to become famous during the siege of the castle or to distinguish yourself in the battle with Gardum or Antallon, you need the best “conquering king” equipment.
In a word, to combine normal life with the game, not sit around for days at the computer and at the same time be on top and take pride of place in the guild, buy ArcheAge gold and play for fun!

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About the game:

Developer XL Games
Release date: 2014-02-22

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