Gameplay Features

A curious feature of the servers is the addition of unusual equipment and a way to get it. High level locations here are very relevant, and there is a real fight for bosses!

An example is equipment that looks similar to the Dynasty from later chronicles, but has other indicators selected specifically for the balance of Interlude.

As for accessories, you can recall the TATU, which are dressed in the “underwear” slot, are a useful addition to your character and will help to “cover up” its weaknesses.

Most new products are enthusiastically received by players and are in great demand. They add novelty and increase the variability in PvP, as well as revitalize the market, and thus keep the server up to date.

On La2Mega x50, players have the opportunity to craft a completely new, unique outfit that you will not find anywhere else. But for this, 10 times more resources will be needed than for similar equipment and grades, as well as new resources - crystals and recipes. Recipes for new equipment are bought for FA (Adena festival) received from high-level mobs and events, and crystals drop in three main locations: FoG / IT / Dino Island.

La2Mega, and x50 servers, in particular, are worthy PvP or craft-PvP servers that collect not only fans of continuous PvP battles, but also those who prefer to craft things peacefully, trade on the market. Game concepts will provide an excellent opportunity to enjoy Lineage in a new way, find friends and defeat enemies.

And remember that if you do not want to collect resources on your own and take risks with crafting, you can always buy the la2mega adena festival and enjoy the game! You can also buy dina equipment and epic jewelry, but check their availability with the operator of our game currency store.

About the game:

Developer NCsoft
Release date: 0000-00-00 is a unique world, combining people with completely different views of the game on the expanses of its servers and giving the gaming community a lot of unforgettable moments.

Mega is a great place for an interesting leisure time. Here you do not have to worry about the safety of your character and expensive things. Servers are quite stable and close only when almost no one is playing on them. On average, game worlds remain active and lively for 6 months, which is currently a pretty good indicator.

The complex boasts many worthy and original developments with unique gameplay. For example, la2mega x50 became such a server. In general, the administration is trying to open up new opportunities for players in the development of the hero and in every way please users with interesting innovations - such as equipment and various accessories that increase the characteristics of your character.