What common

Each concept involves different development paths, but both of them quickly open all the basic aspects of the game to each player. You do not have to spend weeks to get a high level and equipment, chop Baium for a quest for a subclass or farm for days on end muna. Now Olympus, epic boss trips and interesting pvp are available to everyone, very little time after the start of the game. Take a little effort or spend some money and you will instantly start winning at PvPzona.com!

If you don’t want to spend more than an hour pumping your character and getting minimal equipment, and immediately plunge into the world of battles, then the implementation of the PvP concept from the project will be a real gift for you.

After the start, you will need very little time to get the maximum level and slightly grind out the equipment. You can join the battle after an hour of playing on the server and, having correctly selected the position and profession, win in the battle.

And you can spend days farming Dino Ostrov hoping for successful argumentation or reselling Adena and exchanging it for cola in an attempt to collect jewelry for epic.

But, in this case, will the most interesting moments of the game pass by you? Do you miss the opportunity to become the winner of the Olympics or to roll out several enemies with your own hands? If you need a really strong character that can become a small raid boss for enemies, you can buy PvPzona cola and forget about boring farm and death in fights.

MultiCraft lovers

Each server has its own characteristics, but it is the MultiCraft server from PvPzona that has become a kind of sensation in the world of Lineage. He gathered phenomenal online and attracted the best clans. Naturally, the atmosphere on the server is corresponding, there is a lot of fun, dynamism and action.

A server with the MultiCraft concept is very similar to PvP, but involves mining equipment using the classic crafting method. You can get weapons, armor and jewelry without sharpening within one day thanks to the huge drop and spoil rates. But in order to sharpen your equipment in a quality manner, you will need to collect a lot of craft and get a decent number of sharpenings.

Of course, you can start participating in mass battles and win in PvP in weak, inaccurate equipment, but to maximize your openness in battles, win the Olympics and terrify enemies, you will need precision weapons, argumentation and epic jewelry. We can help you become the owner of top-end equipment at the right price! You can buy PvPzona cola from the operator in our Bendermoney game currency store.

About the game:

Developer NCsoft
Release date: 0000-00-00

PvPzona.com is a great place for fun and relaxation! The worlds of the PvPzona.com complex are densely populated, and battles for epic bosses or sieges attract a huge number of clans and parties. Any PvPzona server will delight you with interesting gameplay, the absence of bugs and various kinds of lags, it will pleasantly surprise you with the almost complete absence of bots.

The administration set itself the goal of combining several basic concepts and giving players the opportunity to enjoy the game on a high-quality server, without fear of a quick wipe or closure.

The complex is focused on the creation of game worlds, where the character development will proceed rapidly, but all the main points of the game will be saved. The project management, after analyzing the market and conducting surveys among the players, decided to focus on two basic concepts for their servers: PvP and MultiCraft. Let us consider in more detail their implementation on PvPzone servers.