RPG Club

Advantages of the game project

Of course, not only the CIS community plays on servers, the RPG club is quite international. At the moment, it will be relevant to highlight the English-speaking user group, which, although it has to be in a significant minority, but it can still make a rustle with its non-standard solutions and sudden strategies. Naturally, the "national" confrontation gives rise to a kind of sporting interest and a constant desire to prove who is the main on the server.

As you know, the speed is not particularly combined with the gameplay of the lineage, the game process should be enjoyed, so the main thing is to feel your rhythm and follow it. You can not rush headlong without any pleasure, worrying about pumping and farming, but buy Adena, protect your character with good things and enjoy the best aspects of the game. And you can just travel around the map and admire the world around you - fortunately, the graphics in the game are very high quality. And although many experienced players already know almost all aspects of the game, but, having looked into the farthest corners, even they can find something new and exciting for themselves.

But it’s worth saying right away that it won’t be easy here. You have to fight for everything: for a place on the trading floor, for mobs, for boss raids, for castles, for the title of hero. But, despite this, from the first minutes of the game it becomes clear to you that their choice fell on the correct game server. And the more time you spend here, the more you fall in love with an RPG club.

Gameplay Features

Initially, the complex divided its audience into two groups - Gracia Final fans and High Five fans. On the grace, the maximum heights could be achieved in 2-3 months, after which the interest in the server faded. But recently, the servers that were originally opened on the grace chronicles, after a certain period of time, are updated to a high file and merged with a new grace. Thanks to this decision of the administration, the servers are constantly replenished with “new blood”, and the old guard of players has the opportunity to develop further.

Especially popular are the low rate servers, they are often based on x3-x7 rates and collect up to 6000 live online - and this is limited by the windows! At the moment, these are unique numbers, as even exceed the number of online official server. Of course, this brings certain difficulties in terms of obtaining adena and, accordingly, buying things, getting equipment and epic jewelry, leveling the hero, gaining military glory and other points. You see, it’s difficult to compete simultaneously with many thousands of players! But it’s better than a dull server, where if you want to fight with someone, you still have to try to find the enemy.

The server was created for the most loyal connoisseurs of Lineage, for those who miss the huge spectacular PvP battles filled with arenas on Olympus, campaigns on the epic, farm catacombs and classic sharpening.

Financial aspects

The main game currency of the server is rpg club adena. Money is hard to get here due to many factors, some of which have been listed above. Another reason for slow farming is limiting the number of mobs. No, this is not a joke. Entire queues are formed on the server, and sometimes up to 10 characters attack 1 mob. It is difficult to get high from the game, when you have to wait for a moment to then farm it feverishly, looking around with fear with fear - what if you again wring out the spot and turn it off from the active game for a day. But if you buy an adena rpg club, and purchase top-end things, then you can arrange combat sorties. When so many characters try to farm Adena, they become so vulnerable! :)

An interesting feature of Rpg-club is the lack of a premium account. Such a fair and bold decision by the administration deserves respect. But this again also means that the time of the farm game currency significantly increases, and the patience of the players is directly proportional to decrease. Therefore, we offer you a shorter time enrichment of inventory. Make an order to the operators on our website, get game currency and purchase any items you like in the game. We have fast delivery, reasonable prices, impeccable reputation.

And if you are ahead of the rest, managed to capture your location or found a way to rake in Adena with a shovel, then selling it for real money can always replenish your wallet with a decent amount. To do this, contact us, and we will be happy to help you turn the game into a profitable activity.

About the game:

Developer NCsoft
Release date: 0000-00-00

One of the most popular and famous complexes of Lineage2 is, of course, Rpg-club.com. The game project is a benchmark for the quality of chronicles such as Gracia Final and High Five.

At the moment, only the RPG club has a server with unchanged gameplay, as it was on the official servers during the prosperity of the above versions of the game. The only difference is the increased rates. Attracts the project with its directness and seriousness. The sonorous names of the server - Party, Victory, Homeland, Federation - feel the fighting Russian spirit and the real severity of the people playing here. On the expanses of the gaming universe, you can find parties hardened in long-term battles, united in clans, many of which have already conquered a huge number of various Lineage servers.