Features of the game project

High-quality advertising company La2dream is aimed not only at collecting online at the server launch, but also at constantly replenishing its community. The server is the guarantor of the safety of your game character from a sudden wipe.

It affects the server international community. There are not many servers, especially with x50 rates, which boast such a multinational and long-playing community.

Financial issue

Cola is the main game currency of the server, which can be obtained only for donation. In donat shop for cola you can buy a premium account, any equipment +0, consumables (blasted points of weapons and armor, points of skills, stones of life), insert any argument skill into weapons, get the status of a hero, and also change the nickname color and diversify it characters.
Any other server currency (Adena, ancient Adena, Adena festival, resources, weapon and armor points, whole equipment, epic jewelry) is mined with the help of a farm and has its price in stake, which depends on the market situation - supply and demand.

Farm on the server takes a lot of time. So, if you do not want to engage in monotonous murder of mobs, or you are simply not lucky with sharpening, you can always buy cola in our game currency store. We will be happy to fulfill your order and deliver the required number of stake. Buying currency from us guarantees you protection of your character from scammers and minimizes the possibility of getting into a ban.

A very convenient feature of the La2dream server is the presence of an NPC called the “market”, which has information about any product on the market and sends you to the seller absolutely free. In addition, you can place your items above the A grade in a separate section and sell them for cola, even while offline. Now, players do not need to wait for a buyer or seller all day, you can just put your things up for sale in the market and do their own thing.

The most fun moments

From the first minutes of being in the game, the thought creeps in that the server is more PvP oriented. Here, constant pvp starts from the initial levels, there is a buff that gives a free buff to level 40, including all kinds of buffs. Resistors and debuffs of XC provoke you to find your opponent, and a convenient start makes it possible to put on the C-grade without any problems. In a word, even while downloading, you can have fun and dilute the most uninteresting stage with fun.

High-level locations are filled with battles, you will not be bored. Fists combed? Welcome to Dino Island, hot spring, Fog, um - places where there is always a lot of fan and battle for the spot. Particular attention should be paid to battles for epic bosses, which are always large-scale and unpredictable. And the price of epic jewelry and the corresponding high demand prove the importance of such raids. But to make them, you need to be at least minimally dressed.

Each player on La2dream can afford to buy any equipment on the market for a certain number of stakes; the price can range from a few stakes for fluff to many hundreds, and even thousands of stakes for well-sharpened weapons and epic jewelry. So if you are short of currency, we advise you to buy La2drim cola at Bendermoney.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the la2dream server is one of the most beloved by the players, and the responsive administration and curious gameplay combined with constant PvP make it unique and respected among other game servers.

About the game:

Developer NCsoft
Release date: 0000-00-00

The world of is truly unique. This is a server that can conquer any connoisseur of Lineage.

The first thing that catches your eye is a pleasant start and a good online. The developers have done everything so that the beginner feels comfortable in the game world, and the advanced player does not get bored.

The server earned a name for many years and proved that it is possible to create a game world with high enough rates, which will not lose its relevance even after six months of existence. Basically, this became possible due to a competent administration policy, constant updates on the server, adding a variety of events and bonus starts for new players.