Connoisseurs of Interlude Chronicles

Interlude x7 occupies a leading position in its segment and unites the huge gaming community of three large projects L2E-Global, Melcosoft, Valhala Age. By its concept, Interlude x7 is a representative of the classic low rate server with the classic gameplay preserved. But compared with the classic x1 involves a simplified pumping and accelerated extraction of equipment.

Speaking about server rate, I would like to note that x7 is only a rating for pumping and obtaining skill points, and for adena, drop, spoil and most quests, x5 rate is set. This concept preserves the balance in the market and leaves any type of activity for character development relevant, be it craft, manor or farm catacombs.

Touching upon the issue of obtaining equipment and pharmacy, we can add that it is impossible to farm high-level locations without a proper set of support and equipment. The farm of “locomotives” in Fog, spoil of pagan and other high-level locations is considered the most profitable. Of course, these places are replete with party, and they will have to either defend or beat off the enemy. Speaking openly, it’s easier to buy Valhala Age Interlude x7 adena than spend hours trying to farm it with many windows.

For those who love the chronicles Grace Final

The Gracia Final x7 server was launched under the slogan "What you have been waiting for so long!", And for 100% justified such a high bar. The server was opened together with E-Global, and its main goal was to popularize the Gracia Final chronicles among fans of Interlude.

Server rates are very balanced for these chronicles. Despite the fact that the players expect a light start and a fairly fast pumping, the developers have retained the difficulty of extracting top equipment and weapons.

The combination of the Expert x7 rate with the adena, drop and spoil rates (x5, x4 and x3, respectively) helps protect the server from being overloaded with things, and this, in turn, stabilizes the economy. Beginners will be pleased to learn about the presence in the world of Gracia Final stores with komon outfit, lightweight raid bosses in kamalok, one-time quests with a sea of ​​experience - paylak and many more "interesting".

Although many innovations simplify the start, but in general the game has not lost the spirit of hardcore. Adding new grades of equipment, locations and bosses prolong the game and do not allow players to lose interest. It is worth considering that getting a high level and new equipment makes it possible to open your character on the other hand and explore even more exciting aspects of the game.

To get a truly strong character, you will have to spend a lot of effort. Bringing your character to the ideal requires a lot of resources, time and effort. The sharpening of skills, the correct selection of sub classes, equipment, attribute and epic jewelry are of great importance. All of these factors are key in PvP.

If you want to conquer the world of Lineage, but are tired of going through all the stages of the farm all over again, you can just buy Gracia Final x7 adena and immediately break into the thick of the most exciting events!

About the game:

Developer NCsoft
Release date: 0000-00-00

The Valhalla-age server complex is focused on mid and low rate servers. Often, new game worlds in the framework of a common project are created jointly with domestic and foreign partners. They have a fairly high online, and therefore attract many popular clans. Valhalla is a good choice for fans of the Interlude and Gracia Final chronicles.

Despite the negative trends in the Lineage world and fierce competition in the free server market, the name ValhallaAge deserves to give players hope for a long and interesting game. The main principles of the project were accessibility and quality, embodied in thoughtful concepts, respect for their players and interest in the long-term existence of each server.

Valhalla currently includes two servers with x7 rates, but with different chronicles. Depending on the season and the desire of the community, servers with higher rates may open. An example of a successful server is ISA x20, which presented a lot of fun and gathered under its banners the strongest clan of leaders and players.