Distinctive features of the project

An interesting feature of the complex is the addition of the game client with such interesting functions as the automatic application of various elixirs, an increase in the skill panel, the introduction of new game commands that provide a variety of information about the game world, call up character control menus or increase game performance. The user-friendly interface, great online and good cash prizes for winning the promotions held by the administration attract the best Interlude clans to the servers of the complex. Therefore, battles for epic bosses or sieges are very lively, and the PvP counts of any active player show several hundred, or even a couple of thousand.

What is an x100 server?

The x100 server is positioned as craft pvp and differs from most of its competitors, mainly in its competent economic component. Thanks to this, the server lives for quite some time. The basis of a stable economy was a decrease in the rate of Adena to x1, a strong reduction in the drop of stones (ancient seal stone) and the amount of AA received during exchange in the store.

The high price of consumables and professions made Adena a more valuable currency, and now you can easily exchange the main currency of the Coin of Luck server for it. In addition, contributed to the strengthening of the economy and the introduction of such an unusual game currency as Euro coin, for which a variety of recipes, consumables and jewelry are bought. And a functional NPC called Auction will help you in trading, in which you can sell or buy coins and good luck coins for almost any equipment you are interested in.

The only thing that can make the game on the server not so comfortable is the farm. On the x100 server, the process of extracting equipment can be called a complex and rather annoying task. Constant battles for spots will not let the mobs beat quietly, and against the background of a constant AA deficit, it will take you about a week to farm an ancient Adena for 50 craft. And that's not counting other resources!

And if you take into account that the chance of crafting is only 60%, the competition in pieces and recipes, and even low level locations for spoil is extremely high, it becomes obvious that getting even 30 S down is not an easy task, but rather nervous and time-consuming. By the way, 30 S fluff is not so many stakes in the end, and their production for an average player takes on average 10 days and online 12 hours a day.

So, it’s worth considering whether it would be easier to just buy Euro-PvP Cola at an affordable price in our game currency store? If you decide that monotonous killing of mobs for a long time is not for you, then leave an order to our operator, wait a little delivery, and then enjoy the wonderful world of x100.

Features of the server with x1200 rate

The second important server of the Euro-PvP complex is the x1200 server. The main idea is to quickly gain a level and a huge number of battles. The battles here are continuous, because the start is very easy due to high rates.

To get average equipment and start fighting, you need no more than one day. Of course, for many this is enough, but for those who want to become really strong and drag even several opponents in PvP, they will need to increase the characteristics of their character and fully pump them with LS and epic jewelry.

But earning them will not be so easy, because the farm on servers with a high rate is reduced to obtaining adena and stones of life. And in the end, any kind of earnings will bring you either good reasoning and successful sharpening, or a direct exchange of adena and life stones for cola.

It will take at least several weeks with decent online, while you will get the full epic and the necessary skills of argumentation, as well as the most sharpened equipment. At the same time incredibly interesting things will happen on the servers. If you do not want to miss the hottest events, we advise you to buy cola and immediately put on a good gear. Buy game currency in Bendermoney and inspire true fear and respect in Euro-PvP noobs!

About the game:

Developer NCsoft
Release date: 0000-00-00

Euro-PvP is a high-quality set of free servers, most of which are based on a proprietary Java platform that has made major changes to the gameplay.

The most popular servers of the complex are worlds with rates x100 and x1200. Sometimes servers with lower or higher rates appear, but the above concepts brought real fame to the project.

Now Euro-PvP is one of several gaming complexes that really keeps its word and gives players guarantees for six months without a wipe. And for x1200 and x100 quite a long time!