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Server popularity

In many ways, La2isi became known for buying popular streamers, which attracted the attention of a huge audience. It was an extremely effective and competent advertising move. I would also like to note that the first start of Interlude x1 was quite successful, but due to the maximum proximity to the official server, after six months, interest in it was lost, and in the future the administration promised to make some changes to the game process in order to achieve the maximum life expectancy of the project.

Server Economy

Let's talk a little about la2izi economy. Since the server is classic, the main game currency is Adena, for which, as the server develops, you can buy absolutely everything. If you have a sufficient amount of Adena, then you can afford many game benefits, ranging from consumables to clan halls and epic jewelry.

Classic servers are built in such a way that if you want to play just a few hours a day in your favorite profession and not engage in constant grind, then sooner or later you will have to look for alternative sources of income in the game. Of course, there is always such a scenario, when your friends or party members will help you. But still, most often you have to shell out and buy la2izi adena, because even the banal pumping with things on the level and nipples will cost much more than loot from mobs.

About the game:

Developer Ncsoft
Release date: 0000-00-00

La2izi is a fairly young, but managed to earn a good reputation low-rate project with great development potential. Now it is one of the best servers for those gamers who miss the real Lineage2Interlude.

The game is created so that players get as much pleasure as possible from staying in gaming reality. But in order to really take your soul and how to have fun, you need either a painstaking multi-day pumping of the hero and the extraction of game currency, or the conversion of real money to Adena la2isi. The first option is suitable only for those who have a lot of free time and patience. And if you work or from the first minutes on the server you want to get everything at once, then the purchase of adena la2izi in our store will be a good solution