Modified game moments

Previously, on Interlude, no more than 10 professions were relevant, with which you could get a lot of eyes in extra-class battles. After changing the balance, Olympus became available for almost any class! Now the battle has become unpredictable, and their number is simply huge! So, there’s enough fun for everyone.

Although the concept of a classic PvP server has been completely preserved, something new is also being invented. And this, of course, is liked by most players. On the server you can get a temporary epic jewelry, collected the word "Eternal" from the letters that appear in the cooking. But only two epic jewelry are available - Zaken and Ring of Queen Ant, so that the balance between beginners and players who have been collecting RB sets for a long time is completely preserved.

Game screenshots

eternal ms колы

Financial issue

Many admins pay clans for playing on their servers. Usually, this is kept secret, but the players always creep in suspicions that something unclean is happening. The administration of did not want gossip and decided to pursue an open policy. In order to extend the life of the server and make the game as long and exciting as possible, honest pay conditions were announced for each clan and individual gamer. Anyone who can assemble his clan and prove that he can give a worthy rebuff to the best Interlude clans can earn money on this.

As for the farm system and resource extraction, it has remained virtually unchanged compared to the classic PvP concept! Adena (transformed into the Gold Bar) and the top BOS 76 are valued here. Farm Adena and BOS will help speed up the premium account, which doubles the rates. But, even having a premium account, you will have to spend a lot of time and effort to adequately sharpen equipment and get the right skill for argumentation. And about picking up stakes on epic jewelry and talking scary. To avoid this, you can buy Eternal cola and show everyone what you can do in battle as quickly as possible!

About the game:

Developer NCsoft
Release date: 0000-00-00 is an interesting game complex that gives its users a cool gaming atmosphere, exciting in-game moments and a good attitude.

The number of Lineage2Interlude servers with rates from x800 to x1200 is truly huge, but Eternal developers have proven that even using the familiar concept, you can make original and unusual changes to the gameplay and make your server unlike other typical ones. The PvP concept deserves special attention and praise.

If we talk about innovations, then Eternal did their best. The administration made a revolutionary breakthrough in terms of changing the balance of classes on Olympus. And also, the complex introduced a salary to the clans on its servers. Herbs were added to increase stats, so be careful if you want to attack someone in locations for the farm. In addition, periodically held exciting events, competitions, where everyone can take part and get nice buns. But first things first!