Long-lived server

Unlimited x10 is the stronghold of modern Lineage, which demonstrates the administration’s incredible devotion to its work and inspires players to believe that there are still honest projects that do not close a week after the opening. Just think about it - the server started back in the fall of 2005! And it still works! He combined all the best elements of other servers of the complex.

The infinite is truly unique in its atmosphere. It gives new emotions, making you fall in love with the Lineage world again and again. You will find a unique combination of various game styles that are used by players from different servers. Beginners also contribute, bringing a stream of fresh air to the world of “oldies”.

The concept of Unlimited refers to the low-rate HighFive chronicles servers, the main feature of which is a decrease in rates with an increase in the level of your character. The higher the level of your spell, the less adena you will receive. For beginners, promotions are often held to help start comfortably on the server, in the form of temporary weapons and jewelry up to rank S! If you decide to replenish stocks of game currency for your character, you can buy ShockWorld x10 colas or purchase ShockWorld x10 adena.

Shockolude x100 Server Features

Shockolude x100 is an unusual Craft-PvP server in its concept, preserving a unique balance between the main low rate components and constant PvP. This was achieved thanks to several decisions of the administration. The game has a buff without resists, which includes buffs 1, 2, 3 professions. A rollback to MP banks was also introduced, which made it possible to maintain the relevance of professions such as her / her, which, as a rule, completely drop out of the game at these rates.

The server has a unique gameplay, and this is confirmed by the vibrant economy for more than 3 years of existence - a real achievement for such high rates.

We remind you that if you do not have enough jewelry, a premium account, turned weapons or equipment for an epic, you can always buy SW coin Shockolude x100 in our game currency store at prices lower than that of the admin server.


The complex periodically gives gamers new gaming universes Interlude with rates from x5 to x100. These are stable and reliable servers made in the best traditions of Shock-World and do not allow wipes and rediscovery! You can start everything from scratch in an interesting hardcore world.

As a rule, the server concept is thought out to the smallest detail and includes verified rates for all the main game moments - this is a guarantee that the market will be more balanced and inflation will be minimized!

From time to time, various quests and rewards undergo changes. Such changes are incredibly important, as they give the server the opportunity to flourish for many years, eliminating the overabundance of various resources and equipment on the market.

Interesting events and small bonuses at the start for all will please the players and set up in a positive way. The server has a premium account that increases rates by 50%, as well as a donat shop with a variety of consumables and things. If you want to buy equipment cheaper than in a donat shop, or buy Shock-World Adena at affordable prices, contact our operator!

About the game:

Developer NCsoft
Release date: 0000-00-00 is a complex whose servers often become a measure of quality and remain in the hearts of players for a long time. Shock is the trendsetter for new trends and concepts. On each server he develops the world of Lineage and presents it in a new light. Over the long years of its existence, the complex has won the love and trust of a huge audience, because its servers guarantee no risks for your character and relevance and longevity to the game world as a whole.

The servers of the complex are always awesome names! For example, Unlimited, Shockoludex, Cozy, etc .. Agree, sonorous! Each of them presents a variety of content that will be appreciated by both lovers of HighFive chronicles and those who prefer Interlude. Each server has its own game features, atmosphere, economy.