Complex servers based on Interlude chronicles

At the moment, it is difficult to find a more successful server on the Internet than Mega x10. Despite its distant discovery in 2010, the server has not exhausted itself and is still constantly updated with new players.

Attracts Mega x10 with its thoughtful and proven gaming world. You will be pleasantly surprised by the verified economy, the ability to purchase the first and second profession, the purchase of things in luxury and, of course, the beginner's bumper, available up to level 62.

Naturally, on the server there are a lot of dressed characters, but if you try, you can catch them. And we are ready to help you with this. In our game currency store you can always buy High LS76 or Mega x10 adena, after which you can buy an epic or good equipment in the game for your character.

A large number of clans take part in the game, which guarantees a hot slaughter on the epic bosses, spectacular sieges and battles on the Olympus. As for the solo game, you can always clash with the enemy for a spot in high-level locations or hunt newcomers in the catacombs.

If you are afraid not to catch up with already swung players and do not want to start all over from scratch on the Mega server, or just want to go a little more difficult development path at lower rates, then the Aurora x7 server is ideal for you. The Aurora x7 was based on the Mega x10 concept, but the developers slightly cut the rates for a longer pumping and development. This is the only server of the complex, reminiscent of the good old Mega x10, but more modern. Its creation was required by many players, the administration eventually supported its gaming audience and launched a new server. If something went wrong in your game, or you simply don’t have enough money for some cool thing, we advise you to purchase Aurora x7 adena on our website.

If, on the contrary, you are tired of a long download and you want a quick exit to pvp, then pay attention to the Aria x300 and razZzor x 1000 servers, which will give you a storm of emotions. Between themselves, the servers are distinguished by the speed of receiving equipment and small in-game moments. Since the main focus of both servers is PvP, you do not have to farm mobs for days or wait for boss raids. For a week, you can adequately dress and become one level with the old-timers. But if you want everything at once, or you want to get really cool equipment, you can buy Aria x300 donks or order razZzor x1000 cola in our Bendermoney store.

Chronicle lovers High Five

If you want to fight new raid bosses, get to know unique classes and race, then the Main HF x10 server is waiting for you. This is a fairly stable server, opened back in 2014. It is based on a classic platform with no gameplay changes - what true connoisseurs of modern Lineage2 need.

Of course, due to the fact that the server is already open a decent amount of time, many are worried about the presence of many dressed characters. But this does not frighten you; catching up such players is not difficult! If you wish, you can achieve everything yourself, and in its absence, you can always buy Main HF x10 adena from us. One has only to place an order, and fast delivery will not take long.

We wish you success and good mood! Remember that we are always at your service.

About the game:

Developer NCsoft
Release date: 0000-00-00

The is a unique gaming universe, uniting many people who are passionate Lineage fans. The complex is represented by several servers that differ in concept and chronicles. An important feature of the servers is their base on the PTS platform.

Quality and stability are two main criteria that distinguish Mega complex servers from most competitors. The main goal of the project is to create a world in which you can develop your character to the maximum and fully enjoy the game without fear of wipes and hacks.