A bit about server concept

Probably all fans of playing High Five had heard about the Asterios x5 server. This is the legend of the game world, a server that has been open for more than 5 years, but it is still huge online and all aspects of the game are relevant. The server is fundamentally different from the official one: the developers changed the system of instant zones, buffs, the economic component, introduced reinforced mobs, and adjusted the balance. What is surprising on this server is the fan - all locations are filled with battle, everywhere a cunning enemy can wait for you, ready to merge you into PK or a proud warrior who wants to measure strength in pvp. And if you are under siege or TV (territorial war), then get ready for enchanting battles and carefully monitor your character, and sometimes it happens that it’s hard to make out who is who on the screen.

But if you want a more measured and relaxed atmosphere, then you can go fishing or enjoy hardcore on the cozy Medea x3 server. Every step is thought out and verified here, but the level is pumped and adenios asterios is mined for a good ten months. As they say, everyone chooses for himself. If you like stubborn development and long-term improvement, you will find your happiness here. And if you later want to change the server, you can earn on what you have accumulated here - selling game values ​​on an asterius is always relevant, and Adena is in great demand.

But Hunter x55 is a server with a completely different concept. This is not a low rate and craft pvp, as it is often classified (are red guns and 10+ gear similar to craft?), But the real hot PvP. The server is ideal for players who are hungry for blood, the game is very easy and comfortable to start, there is a buffer um shop, pumping out takes several hours, and then - constant trips to instant, to Olympus, etc. Of course, PvE is also there, but the farm, even in the most distant point of the world, is not calm: just a couple of minutes, and a huge orc with a cudgel at the ready is already rushing towards you or a rat TX comes into the back. Here the most important thing is what you are wearing or how well your tongue is hung. If you are all rambo of yourself, have a good set of buffs, then turn around and show the offender "Kuzkin's mother." But if you are a beginner and you do not have enough Adena on S84, you can only persuade him not to kill you and give permission to farm "in a small room". And you can buy Adena Asterios from us, replenish your inventory, return to "Place X" and reduce your old scores!

The main advantages of the game project

The main advantages of the game complex include the following parameters: high online, reliable protection against bots (sewn into a new client), high-quality support and a well-thought-out donat.

Of the unique features of the project, I would like to highlight its unsurpassed competitive atmosphere. Players are constantly striving to achieve more, everyone is drawn by the desire to break into the top, to prove to himself that he can become the best, and to show all enemies and allies who are really cool. In this vein, it is important to note that on asterios there is no absolute dominance of one or another clan, there is always rivalry. Often, as soon as one clan begins to completely dominate, an alliance of 2-3 opponents is formed and gives it a worthy rebuff. Thanks to this, the server is always lively and never bored.

In addition, there is a huge influx of new players by merging with the Phoenix x7 server. Perhaps this is the best idea invented by the administration and developers of Asterios, who have proven dedication. The server is a lightweight platform for launching new players, where there are all conditions for a faster farm and no super dressed characters. At the opening of each new phoenix, players are told that when most of them reach a competitive level with players from x5, the x7 and x5 servers will be combined. Thus, “fresh blood” is pouring into the ranks of the “old guard” of the x5 server, and newcomers, having received an improved start, will rush to catch up with their opponents and prove that they did not waste time in six months or a year of their preparation.

Exciting financial issue

Many are interested in the question: Adena Asterios - is it worth it to buy or try to achieve everything yourself? This is everyone’s personal choice. The same thing with a premium account, or on asterios slang - varnish, with which rates are doubled. You can do without it, but it will be difficult, for example, to find a party in the instant zone or farm, because the absence of this function reduces the rates of the whole party. So, buying a prema turns into a necessary condition for gaming cooperation.

As for Adena, without a certain level of equipment it’s hard to get to the epic bosses or to the top instances even for auxiliary pros, as this is disadvantageous to other Saportians. Action and fan on the “battle” servers will have to be postponed, because no one needs a weak hero in the clan, sieges are not won with this and opponents are not defeated.

Of course, you can achieve everything yourself, the only question is free time and perseverance. If patience is not your benefactor, then welcome to chat with the operator on our website. Order the necessary amount of game currency and do not burden yourself with a long and monotonous period of independent development of your character, but enjoy all the lineage charms available on asterios. Bendermoney guarantees timely and, most importantly, safe receipt of Adena!

About the game:

Developer NCsoft
Release date: 0000-00-00

Asterios is a unique game project, which consists of several servers, is based on a unique game client and has an incredible set of its own features. In other words, this is familiar to all of Lineage2, only with adapted, constantly updated gameplay.

Asterios is no longer just a free complex, but a grand, which can be put on one level with Ruoff. He proved his stability and quality, thereby earning an appropriate reputation in gaming circles. This project is suitable for everyone who would like to return to the High Five era and play much longer than 1-2 months.