What pleases gamers complex?

The main task that the creators of l2name.ru set for themselves is to maintain stable online on their servers, carefully monitor flaws, system errors and fix them immediately, as well as regularly update content.

By the way, about the content. The developers are incredibly inventive and able to come up with something interesting where, it would seem, everyone has long known everything. For example, now few people will be surprised by standard events, but the La2Name administration changed their venues to completely new locations, thereby completely changing their course and breathing new life into them! Now, to win, you need to come up with unique strategies and correctly take positions, and not stupidly go ahead.

Also, constant PvP and GvG events with prizes in the form of donate currency cannot but please.

The new servers, which are just opening, are not a clone of the previous ones, but have redesigned gameplay. This makes it possible even for an experienced player to discover the game on the other hand and again to go the way with no less interest.

By the way, a new project is launched only when its predecessor has almost lost its relevance online. Players often themselves ask to open a server with a new concept. And to shut the server down, as they say, in the most interesting place - no, this will not happen.

Server innovations

At the moment, the complex is represented by the HighFive x100 server which has managed to win a lot of fans. The administration has achieved unrealistic success in improving the standard concept and presented the players with the coolest PvP, as well as thoughtful farm and economy.

A completely balanced donation system eliminates the purchase of epic, Top and Mid equipment, which contributes to the free development of the server market. Added the ability to earn Coin of Luck (donate currency) in the game: for Olympus points, events, promotions.

Recycling a drop from raid bosses and introducing a new farm zone give a lot of entertainment and make your character's swing more fun. This zone attracts with a great drop and previously unseen monsters.

The battles became even hotter and more honest - the administration ruled out the possibility of using extraneous software, setting up protection and fine-tuning the reporting system in the game. But to prevent spoiled players from complaining so harshly about such harsh methods, admins left one important function and made it available to all players. Now everyone can automate the use of cans hp, cp, mp on the command .autocp on.

Character enrichment process

The main way to earn money was the farm of adena and spoil. The classic high level locations for the farm have not changed, you can farm them without any problems, having acquired high-quality equipment. If you are a beginner and want to join the world of l2name x100 as quickly as possible and without much effort, we advise you to buy adena l2name x100 in our game currency store, and then use it to get any equipment you like on the market.

As for the farm boss instant, it does not require a large number of players, since the server has high enough rates and has a buffer. That is why the administration has reduced the minimum limit for getting into the main instant zone, thus giving the “green light” to small clans so that they have a chance to develop along with large alliances.

Despite the x100 rate, craft remains relevant, the chance to create a rare item is 10%, and if you have a premium account - 15%. By the way, the premium account doubles the base rates, which makes the farm even more pleasant. If you want to buy a donut currency for premium or different buns in a shop cheaper than the admin, contact us. You can buy Coin of Luck L2name x100 on our website, you just have to write an admin and place an order - and consider that the game currency is already on your account!

About the game:

Developer NCsoft
Release date: 0000-00-00

L2name.ru is one of the most successful complexes that presented free Craft-PvP projects with HighFive chronicles to free server players. L2name opens up unique and original game worlds with exciting thoughtful content.

The servers of the complex please with a good online and live game from 3 to 8 months, which is quite an impressive period for high rates and chronicles. Players will also appreciate the excellent technical indicators: perfect ping, the lack of friezes in mass batches, a comfortable game without DDoS - you must agree, the most important components of a pleasant game!

The administration performs its work efficiently and professionally. The game is constantly being made changes that improve the gameplay and increase the interest of users. Donut is balanced, the security guarantee of your character and gear is reliable, there is a lot of fun and action in the game. So, l2name.ru and, in particular, the HighFive server is the best choice for fans of Lineage, represented by these chronicles and rates.