Elite Dangerous

Galaxy of Opportunities

Elite Dangerous is a sci-fi strategy MMORPG. Players are immersed in a 3D world dedicated to space exploration, trade and combat.

More and more players are eager to download Elite Dangerous. The daily audience of the game is millions of players who are rapidly rushing through space, participating in air battles and completing missions in the Milky Way with other players.


Players start with a small amount of currency and a tiny ship, accumulate wealth and status as they progress in order to become an elite. Users are given the opportunity to become part of the game's global narrative, influencing the rise and fall of governments and the outcome of war.

What makes the game different from most MMO space simulators

The players determine the economics and politics of the game, as the collective actions and decisions of the players affect the balance of power between the three parties: the Achenar Empire, the Galactic Federation, and the Alliance of Independent Systems.

These three groups are in constant conflict. In addition to completing their errands, which can make them more powerful, players must contribute to the war effort of their respective group and participate in trials across the galaxy. After all, these problems are solved by the capacities of each division. Players contribute and can still have a wide variety of choices and advantages over players from other factions.

Various game mechanics

Players can provide goods that others need - medicines or weapons, participate in trade and influence the game economy. Elite Dangerous gamers upgrade, upgrade and purchase ship parts and modular components to equip the ideal space transport.

Game modes

Elite Dangerous has both solo and co-op modes. Players can fly alone or with a group of friends to enhance the adventure and complement the gameplay.

Distinctive gameplay features also include a mission system, intense large-scale PvP and planetary exploration.

Game economy and currency

It is not enough for players to simply be present during group trials, as their presence alone will not lead to victory. It's the same with personal in-game efforts: it's not enough just to try to implement them.

To fight in the best and easiest way, you need a powerful ship with expensive items, which requires Elite Dangerous currency.

There are ways to make money: completing various missions, mining asteroids, exploring different places, trading and becoming a bounty hunter, which is an effective but boring and tedious farming method. Earning currency becomes more problematic if there is no time, effort and resources for Elite Dangerous.

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About the game:

Developer Frontier Developments
Release date: 2014-04-02

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