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Buying game currency Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal is an action/RPG and hack and slash mobile game that is a continuation of the Diablo series of games. Here, players will plunge into the classic world of constant farming and battles in order to pass level after level, until the end of the game. This concept was chosen by the developers for a reason, so each new adventurer will have to spend the lion's share of playing time in Diablo Immortal on earning resources.

Farm and gameplay

Immediately after the first act, the gameplay of Diablo clearly hints at an increase in the complexity of the mobs, when the opponents begin to deal much more damage. At the same time, the task page also makes it clear to the player that it would be nice to farm well so as not to simply fly away from default enemies. Tasks are different - somewhere you need to kill 60 undead, somewhere 10 mini-bosses in a row, and sometimes just clear a certain location. All this is necessary in order to increase the level of the character, along the way collecting the dropped resources from the mobs. In some cases, you can knock out equipment, but its quality, of course, will be far from legendary.

Thus, in order to pass, the player must farm without fail in order to go to a new location for farming. Not to say that such gameplay is too boring for ordinary gamers, because this is the standard concept of most modern RPGs. However, in this case, this aspect is somewhat complicated, because in Diablo Immortal you have to farm eternal orbs and, of course, platinum. This is vital for any player who wants to get hold of cool equipment and legendary weapons that will literally shred typical opponents.

Farm platinum

Platinum in Diablo is the currency that can only be obtained in the course of completing tasks, for donations, or by the exchange at an auction. At the same time, this resource is also important for the player, like gold or experience, so it will not be possible to ignore it. You will either have to farm long and hard, or spend your real money to level up faster.

How to earn platinum in Diablo Immortal for free? As mentioned above, you can get platinum in the course of completing daily tasks - dailies in the battle pass, but this way it is done extremely slowly. In total, for completing the task, the player will be able to get up to 300 units of platinum, which, of course, will not be enough for normal pumping. Thus, a similar procedure will have to be performed dozens of times before a sufficient amount is accumulated.

You can also try to exchange precious currency at the auction at the appropriate price, but this pleasure is also not cheap. Therefore, the best option for earning platinum is to buy it - right in the game or on specialized sites. This will save you a lot of time and will not kill the interest in the gameplay behind the endless grind, and as a bonus, it will give you some advantage in PVP. By the way, you can also buy platinum from us, but at a more tasty rate.

Buying platinum on Bender

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How to transfer platinum to Diablo Immortal? This can be done using the auction, which is available in the game to everyone. The procedure is quite simple and does not require anything supernatural from the player.

About the game:

Developer Blizzard Entertainment
Release date: 2022-06-02

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