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ArcheAge Unchained

Archeage unchained is the new version of Archeage with the buy-to-play business model. In this version there are various PvE and PvP activities, professions, battles, and many others. other

The essence of the new version

Users can only play for a fee. For one purchase, all content is opened. That is, all gamers have equal conditions: now there is no way to stash and get privileges over non-paying players. Items that strengthen the heroes of the game, you can only buy for game currency. If you want to highlight your charms among other residents, you can purchase cosmetic items for real money.

To discover the interesting world of Archeage Unchained, you need to buy one of the packages to access the server. They cost between 25-80 dollars. The more expensive the package, the more bonuses it contains.

The main differences between ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained

Archeage unchained introduces a new monetization system. The goal of the developers is to make fair gameplay. As mentioned above, Archeage unchained has a business model: buy-to-play. Now in the store are only cosmetic items that you can buy for real money.

A new skill has appeared: a swift blade. This is a melee skill set that is used to quickly strike from invisibility, and is aimed at gamers with two weapons.

In the new naval battle arena, you can show all your skills. Here you can prove that your character is the deadliest captain in the fleet royal battle!

New ArchePass System

ArchePass is a seasonal combat passing system that gives players various daily rewards. There is a free entry-level ArchePass, which costs 1 copper game currency. Other levels cost 10 gold.

Three seasons will be available to users, namely: battle, calling and equipment. One season is held throughout the month. To align your passes and unlock rewards of the next level, you need to complete missions.

What you can buy in the store for loans

Let's start with the obvious - costumes. There are a large number of them, from a schoolgirl costume to a yatta costume. An interesting observation: the store has the appearance of a ragged guy who has the cheapest cost.

You can also purchase decorative animals: cats, dogs, deer, etc. And you can also buy one of seven dance animations. Few items are sold for the home. This includes pumpkin lanterns, soft toys and a chest for inexpressible things.

Summing up, I want to say about the minus of the new version: you can not transfer the progress from the previous game. All gamers will have to reacquire their achievements.

About the game:

Developer XL Games
Release date: 2019-10-15

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